TGA Podcast: Episode 128

This week, Ryan joins me as we talk about the joys of swearing, how the Spanish Catholic Church stole babies, and we make fun of al Qaeda’s new women’s magazine al-Shamika. Don’t miss out!

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    J.N. Hudson

    In regards to the subject of “swear” words… They are words, and nothing more. They are not evil word, either inheently or implicitly, because the abstract concepts of “good” or “evil” do not and indeed cannot apply to them alone. No one has or ever will be corrupted or scarred for life because they heard someone say “Fuck”, “Shit”, or “Goddamn Bitch-Ass Cocksucking Motherfucker” and anyone who thinks they can or will attaches a power to words that the words alone do not posses.

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    Well I know you just said that you don’t like hearing people sing your praises, but I am really glad to hear another podcast! Its’ also good to see ryan isn’t dead 😛

    Will the book review section allow us to add our own reviews / recommend book or is it just a one way thing?

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    I swear. I don’t even notice most of the time. I don’t walk around swearing all the time. I’m not even aware of it all the time, they’re just words. I’m not against children swearing either, but it has to be in context.

    It’s so true, if kids are ‘forbidden’ to swear…they’ll swear even more. I’m a prime example.

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    I can say the most vile things with a first-grade vocabulary and give someone a compliment using “swear” words. I wish people would worry less about what words people use and more about what people say with those words.

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