The 9 countries you want to live in

Since numerous studies have found a number of industrialized nations have a steadily declining rate of religious affiliation, a team at the University of Arizona made a model predicting the rate in which 9 countries will effectively have no more religion.

The team took census data stretching back as far as a century from countries in which the census queried religious affiliation: Australia, Austria, Canada, the Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Switzerland.

If you happen to live in one of these Oasis of reason, you’re in luck. If not, then I suggest you find a way to get the fuck out of your backwards, moronic country as soon as you possibly can.

Hilariously enough, it seems as though the Canadian government doesn’t want anyone to know just how irreligious the nation is. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, himself a religious idiot, has changed the census form to no longer include the question of religiosity. The idea is to skew the data in favor of religion, since the “long form” will only be sent to a disproportionately small proportion of the population. If you happen to be one of those who receives it, it becomes even more important for you to fill it out correctly!

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    Sweet, I actually do live in one of these countries now. Hooray for Australia!

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    Robert Donnelly

    I would say hooray for us in Ireland, but with a badly worded religious question in our upcoming census (April 10th), I guess we’ll find out soon enough how well the trend is going.

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    I’m surprised Sweden isn’t on that list. I think many of them are “members” of the church, but it’s an incredibly irreligious nation when you get past the technicalities.

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    I feel the same way about Norway.

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    Shame the UK isn’t on there.

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    ^Give us time Nick, we’re working on it.

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    If Canada is going to be on this shortlist than I must insist that god be removed from our anthem and our charter of rights and freedoms. As it stands, I don’t buy it. Canada has more than it’s fair share of religious folks, granted they’re not all up in your face, but it’s hardly an oasis of reason as you claim. Remember our science minister? The guy who didn’t accept evolution? Ya… we’ve got a ways to go.

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    The problem with a report like this coming out, is that you just know that there is going to be a push back from religious groups in these nations. Expect to see a bunch of pathetic cultists bewailing the lot of religion in a secular world, real soon.

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    I’m so going to Ireland (or Finland, Netherlands, New Zealand or Switzerland….lol)

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    Yay Aussies!! Your all welcome here…….we can drink beer and slag religion! Funnily enough, maybe thats why we made the list, Aussies generally hassle, tease and slag off everything….just cause its funny, even your closest friends! Cant say I have ever had an issue being an atheist over here….Aussi! Aussi! Aussi! OI! OI! OI! That was for you Rimon 😉

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    AJ Buwalda

    Nah, they are coming to my homeland: The Netherlands! Pod and hookers for everyone.

    But seriously, there is still alot of mamby-pamby religiocity overhere. They just don’t align themselfs with a church. Religion will always survive in some form or another, but it will be less harmful when its not prominent.

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    Hi, btw I’m from the Czech Republic and although it is a highly atheistic country, I wouldn’t call it an oasis (or bastion for that matter) of reason. I regularly have (drunken pub) discussions with the “atheistic” population who although they consider going to church bad, religion and dogma evil.. they’ll still argue for a “higher power”, the “you need a god to be good” and “spirituality”. What’s more many are paranoidally skeptical of science (Global warming denyers), happily evoke conspiracy theories and use the zodiac as an everyday character-assesment tool.

    But if all’s said and done I guess I’d rather be here than the US bible belt!

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    I wouldn’t call Finland oasis but we are going right way. Even when religion is taught in public schools, there is no separation of church and state and babies are baptised become members of church. How ever most people in church are not religious and religion does not have big role in everyday life.

    Most peoples go to church only to weddings and funeral. When religious people say something in public people leave church. Currently there is another wave of people leaving church because current “Don’t submit to ways of modern society but get your morals from bible and Jesus” campaign.

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    very surprised to see Ireland in that list considering it has blasphemy laws that can fine you E25000 if you speak out against the church or write an article condemning the church (article about atheists defying the law) in the Uk at the moment there is the census campaign which is trying to separate church from state. We already have one of the lowest church attendances in Europe around 2% and i went to a church recently out of curiosity and saw not 1 person under 50 years old. Britain is become more secular and I am happy that in my lifetime we may be declared an atheist nation

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    Aussies, please make sure you mark “no religion” on the next sensus:

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    I evolved from an ape, whats your excuse?

    I actually read an article in the Ottawa Citizen about this very study this morning. They published that from ages 15-29 over 60% of Canadians describe themselves as non religious! It’s finally starting, back up your religion and get outta the great white north.

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    The nine countries do not represent some sort of special “list” of “oases of reason.” They’re simply the countries that were included in the study.

    What the authors found was that in each country the religiously unafilliated segment of the population has followed a logistic growth law, which if continued, will lead eventually (though at different rates among the countries) to extinction of religion.

    The authors did not have census data on the U.S., but they speculated that, based on recently reported trends on the growth of the religiously unafilliated in the U.S., that this country may also be headed down the same path.

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    Steve C

    I was born in Canada. My stupid father moved us to the U.S. This place sucks, ruled by religious nut jobs who can’t stay out of your business. Land of the Free, haha.
    I’m moving back, stay there 9 months of the year, and rent a place for 3 years somewhere else during the winter. Best of both worlds. Oh yeah, and free health care and a better educational system, and much longer life-expectancy then the so called Greatest Nation (I guess if you have the biggest bloated military that can kill everyone on the planet 500 times over, thats considered “Great”?)

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    Martyn Booth

    I’m surprise Uk is not on the list damn it anyway I just wonder if any atheist deaf people in europe or australia i would be apperciate that and sign to them on oovoo or whatever. Thank you. I shock czech rep in 3rd on list, wow.

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