Care to bet some money on this?

Ah yes, the famous Rapture is upon us! Repent, dear sinners, for the Lord Jesus will kill his most beloved creation with a sword that jets out of his mouth.

Here are some thoughtless idiots who believe in 2 months the world is going to end, and they’ll be teleported up into the clouds. I’ve got to wonder if any enterprising atheists have been asking them to “put their money where their mouths are”… I mean, I wouldn’t waste my time trying to talk sense into these fools: instead, I would be getting them to sign over the title deeds to their houses after the 22nd of May. What do they need of such belongings if they’re about to go party with Jesus in his magical play-land? Would it be immoral taking these people’s money?

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    I agree with Yellow-shirt-lady, loss of my internet connection certainly sounds like hell on earth.

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    This is both sad and sick. I genuinely feel sorry for some of these brainwashed people. But I also feel sick at comments like “just look at what’s happening in Japan.”

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    If that girl thinks she gets a hard time from her friends now, just wait until May 22nd. I can’t help but feel sorry for the poor misguided thing. With any luck the complete lack of an apocalypse will make her realise she’s backed the wrong horse.

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    It’s sad that such nice people get taken in by these charlatans over and over again. The amount of emotional damage that comes with these “end of the world” dogmas is just sad.

    This is why i hate religion… and i pity the religious. They are being abused by a system of terrible ideas…

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    Being mean and nasty…
    I can’t wait until May 22nd cuz any rapture dud I see will get it rubbed in is face but good.
    But I’d rather meet a rapture dud before the 21st. Cuz I could shove his true disbelief in his face as I ask for all his money and when he says no I can smile and say ‘I didn’t think you really believed it.’

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    Arianna Jarvis

    I can’t wait! I’m having a rapture party complete with a cake, and the inscription will read “Bon Voyage!” Once we are rid of all the christians, the real fun can begin!

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    @Arianna – amen to that :)

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    I think the girl at 23seconds with the sunglasses is the same troll who made the fake christian Tsunami vid on youtube,Best to check hoe real or fake it is before releasing the hounds.
    Regards Jimbob

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    What really got me was when the girl claims that “we are nothing.” I hear this statement over and over. It’s sickening and saddening to have to witness so many who literally believe they are dirt compared to the Almighty Ruler of all.

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    This is hilarious. This prediction is coming from Harold Camping, who in 1992 calculated that Christ would return on September 6, 1994. Now he’s come up with this bullshit date after some other bullshit calculation.

    I would really like to know what he told his followers on Sept. 7, 1994 when the Jesus did not come.

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    Roki B

    To answer your question: No.

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    AJ Buwalda

    Congratu-fucking-lations people, you are officially scammed. The bible couldn’t even get the shape of the earth right, let alone which day Jesus will return. They totally seem to forget the part in the bible that says:

    “But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief. Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness.”
    -1 Thessalonians 5:4-5

    That would meen that fuckload of christian aren’t seeing this shit coming. And what part of the bible says its 7.000 after the flood? No mention is EVER made except th “in your lifetime” bit which we can savely say did not happen.

    22th May a party at my house!

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    Darren Taggart

    I feel for that young girl saying she doesn’t have any friends. Her parents are creating a social cripple; she Gunnar be so gutted on the 22nd may and rightfully angry. How awful are these bell ends who peddle this bullshit to kids!?

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    that 15 year old should be taken away from her parents

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    I don’t think i’d actually accept any money from them. It’s good to make a point by illustrating that these people haven’t taken real steps toward the idea of the second coming,however, I don’t think I could take advantage of them. It’s just about as messed up as taking a baby’s lolly pop.

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    When Revelations was written, did they know about the Gregorian calendar? I think that these people may want to revise their timeline.

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    I evolved from an ape, whats your excuse?

    This is insane, I wonder if they have ever thought about leap years and daylight savings time. They are just retarded, maybe a mass suicide is in order.

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    jeffrey eyring

    Harold Camping is just going to keep making predictions over and over again, continuing to scam people because that’s what charlatans do. They can easily rationalize when they were wrong.

    Business is good for Camping as long as there are stupid people, no matter how many times he is wrong.

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