Vatican “punishes” child rapist by barring him from saying mass

If I was a pedophile, I’d make sure to seek employment from the Vatican. I mean, how many institutions react to you raping a child with such leniency? Even when you get caught with your pants down, the worst you can expect is a slap on the wrist and a nice vacation in their pathetic “rehabilitation” centers (which is nothing more than a glorified retreat).

Take Father Fons Eppink, a Dutch bishop who served in Kenya for instance. When he was discovered in 2009 to have raped a young Kenyan boy, he was barred from saying Mass in public for 18 months, and the Vatican conveniently failed to notify any authorities of any crime. Case closed, right?

Apparently, it’s still possible for Eppink to be charged for the crime in the Netherlands, so long as charges are actually laid down. Since the Vatican knows exactly what crimes were committed and how, this is the perfect opportunity for them to show their “commitment” to prosecuting offenders. How much do you want to bet they actually protect this fucking scumbag instead?

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    I’ve been reading these types of news reports not only on your site but on other Atheist sites and I always have the same reaction:

    “What the hell can I do to make sure these pathetic wastes of skin are brought to justice?”

    Letter writing won’t work because politicians lack the will to censure the Vatican or other men of “the cloth”. Asking the church to take care of it is like asking a group of crooked cops to conduct an investigation into their own crooked activities. Asking the parishioners to fix the problem in their backyard won’t work because they’ve all been brainwashed into not questioning the authority of the ones diddling their kids; you *do* want to get into heaven don’t you, better not question the will of God and his disciples.

    And everyone involved in the whole thing is utterly convinced they have their imaginary friend on their side and so no one seems to want to do anything to stop the abuse, the child raping assholes often get off scott free.

    So it leaves it down to us and honestly, I’m at a loss of what to do. Getting Atheists to do anything is like herding cats at the best of times, I can’t imagine what it’d take to get us all to agree on what to do about this problem when the ones we’d be trying to help are so eager to just push it under the carpet and pretend it doesn’t exist lest they question their “faith” too much.

    Do you have any ideas? Does anyone else have any ideas? How do we ensure that these child raping assholes are punished for the unimaginable horrors they have inflicted upon those innocents they are *supposed* to be saving*?


    * Yes, I realize that indoctrinating kids with religious bullshit isn’t really saving them and only saddles them with a useless belief system that stymies the mind and provides a distorted version of reality.

    That being said I think its safe to say the kids who were raped would rather believe in those fairy tales, at least they’d have the hope of one day discovering for themselves the ludicrousness of it all, than endure a lifetime of horrific nightmares caused by the very people who are supposed to teach them about a loving God who will protect them from the kinds of nightmares they’ve had to endure.

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    Cheryl Lawson

    This makes me sick. Today in law class we were given our final project: write an essay on a crime against humanity. Im choosing sexual crimes and im focusing on the catholic church because i cant believe that this is tollerated

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    AJ Buwalda

    As a dutchman myself I can say that the chances of this hit court are small. Catholics here are no different from anywhere else. “Rape the children and leave them broken, we don’t care… haven’t you heard? We are the Vatican!”

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    I can tell you what my small time apporach is. I am trying to shame every Catholic I know out of the church. The only way to end this is to end their cash flow. I just badger them all the time, in person, on facebook. “How the fuck can you be a memeber of this organization??” And I keep coming at them with new info so I’m not repetetive (like thats hard to come up with new info. If each Atheist/Agnostic out there can shame one person out of Catholocism we are making a big dent into the church. That’s money they aren’t getting. No money means they close down more churches in your local area, means less kiddie banging.
    All we can do is what we have the means to do. Shame em out! Don’t be afraid to be a douche about it. I always say, “Hey, I’m not the one raping kids!”

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