I don’t have enough brains to be an atheist

Where do I start with this ass clown? I feel like he’s trying to sell me a used car or something. Let’s quickly examine his claims, shall we?

1. Does Truth Exist?
I think you’ll find this is a loaded question when it comes to religion. For them, truth means only their specific beliefs are true, rather than admit an objective truth outside their schema is possible. This would involve the possibility of believers being wrong, and they just can’t accept that.

2. Does God exist?
Apparently they use 2 scientific arguments to “prove” there’s an all powerful loving God that created the Universe. How many of you are willing to bet it’s just more pointless “anthropic principle” shit they think they understand?

3. Are Miracles Possible?
This is where these clowns try and pretend there’s scientific evidence that Jesus was resurrected from the dead, and is therefore your Lord and master. Yeah, can’t wait to be blown away by this fucking science…

4. Is the New Testament true?
That’s your final question? Christians are hilarious sometimes, don’t you think? They want so desperately to have proof of their provincial, entirely unimpressive God. You have to love his slippery slope line of thinking: if I can prove truth exists, God exists, and miracles are possible, it must mean the NT is true! Actually, no it doesn’t. Even if the first three propositions were true, it certainly doesn’t mean a contradicting piece of mythology is. Sorry bro, but it turns out you’re just not smart enough to be an atheist.

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    Alex Thompson

    Wow, this guy can define the nature of truth, prove the existence of god, show how miracles are enacted, and reveal the historical provenance of the New Testament, all in the space of a single seminar.
    He must be the greatest mind our species has ever produced.

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    seminar = stupid people paying to hear his bullshit. it doesnt matter if he’s right or wrong as long as people pay to listen. and his little joke at the end about timing shows that he’s been busted in the past or acknowledges he is spreading pure bullshit.

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    Rob El

    As Alex says above, I always wonder how Christians (or any other religionist) think they have some proof for God, but there’s no cognitive dissonance when you mention that no-one’s buying it, and many other Christians are using different proofs that others, or the one you’re talking to, reject… Mostly I just want them to define their god in terms that actually tell me what it is…

    I have Turek’s book but haven’t read it, I dunno why I love reading Christian books about atheism, I must be masochistic or something..

    Jacob could you devote some time in a show, or a blog, to going through who your favourite atheist authors are. I know you’ve covered it briefly, but I always feel like there are some great books I’m missing out on.
    Thanks, love the show!

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    I’ll give you some a couple good ones that others might not inculde. Obviously everyone here probably reads Harris, Dawkins and Hitch. You should read “Crazy for God” by Frank Schaeffer, great memior that will give you an inside account of how Evangelicans got so powerful in America. Also, “Why Evolution is True” by Jerry A Coyne. This book isn’t as attacky as “The Greatest Show on Earth” by Dawkins, but is equal in useable scientific arguments for evolution. What’s also nice is that he doesn’t use the same examples, making both books readable, one after the other. Even the few times they are covering the same topic, they actually site different aspects of that subject.

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    There’s a simple scientific experiment to see if there is a God. Take a number of different universes (the larger number the better) and give half of them God, and the other half placebos. If the first half do better, then there’s a God. Or something. I might have missed out some steps. Hang on…

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    Arianna Jarvis

    I love seeing atheism from the christian perspective…I think it’s partially masochism…but also knowing the enemy. I’m rewatching Jesus Camp right now…I think it’s the same as watching the Texas Chainsaw Massacre…

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    Haha- not smart enough. Lmao!

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    Will Rodbourne

    Jesus Camp is clearly scarier than the Texas Chainsaw Massacre because it’s real! =S

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    Arianna Jarvis

    Actually, Will, I’ve heard that Jesus Camp isn’t even as scary as it could be! My friend went to a camp like that but was actually sleep deprived, locked in a closet with a bunch of other kids, and were screamed at until these kids started hallucinating, thinking their visions were from god. The whole thing is disgusting…

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    All you have to do is see the debates that Turek has done with Hitchens and you’ll understand just how utterly stupid this guy is. Hitchens destroyed him with what looked like relative ease.

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    I evolved from an ape, whats your excuse?

    Hahaha you know what, this guy reminds me of Vince the Sham-wow guy! just bam throw that book away!

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    Ian Miller

    If there’s scientific evidence for a miracle then by definition it’s not a miracle any more so than my dick getting hard when I see tits. I didn’t tell the blood to rush there it just did it of it’s own accord…

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