Bigot Florist refuses to service same sex couple

Canadians are usually described as “friendly” and “polite” by outsiders who have little experience dealing with our equally venomous religious citizens. While New Brunswick is a picturesque Atlantic province with rolling hills and a colonial flair, it has its fair share of nightmarish ignorance and bigotry thanks to the poisonous influence of religious indoctrination.

Riverview, N.B. is a large town by the province’s own standard, and having adopted the slogan “A great place to grow”, you would imagine a genial place to live where everyone is friendly. One decidedly unfriendly citizen, by the name of Kim Evans owns a business called Petals and Promises Wedding Flowers. She recently refused to outfit a gay couple about to wed in the region, and sent this friendly email:

“I am choosing to decline your business. As a born-again Christian, I must respect my conscience before God and have no part in this matter,” the email said.

The couple, whose names have not been released, are said to be shocked and dismayed their celebration is marred by the ignorance of this woman. In Canada, it is against the law for any business to deny service over matters of race, religion, or sexual preference. While I don’t think it’s necessary to use the long arm of the law to punish this douche, it is nevertheless our solemn duty to shame her for being a close minded bigot. Never underestimate the power of shame, people!

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    I think she SHOULD be sued. If they won’t learn their lesson through chiding when they’re just being jerks, fucking throw the law at them when their cuntishness imposes on others.

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    If we start suing people simply for being cunts, it’s going to need a whole lot more court houses, and that just means dealing with the morons who think they should have the commandments out front even though they can’t recite all ten.

    The couple in question can get a new florist. They can let all their friends and realitives and the media know about their mistreatment — as they’ve done — all of which will generate the negative word of mouth necessary to cut into this bigot’s bottom line. I’m sure being born again makes you feel great in a deluded sort of way, but it isn’t going to put food on her plate or keep you from being ostracized by a community.

    Most importantly, if she has a brood of little potential bigots, we can be outspoken and be certain that they’re exposed to rational thought from an early age, including skepticism and tolerance, mitigating the chances that they’ll be just as bigoted.

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    What’s even stupider about this entire thing is that she had No need to say anything. There were a thousand more acceptable ways for her to get out of doing the event.
    She could have simply quoted a higher price.
    Say she had over booked herself but here are some other florests.

    Instead of finding one of those more obvious ways she decided to go out of her way to be bigoted.

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    Never underestimate the persecution complex of the faithful. Doing that wouldn’t give the people who pointed out her wrong headed bigotry the opportunity to call her on it, now she can try to turn it around and play the victim.

    “Oh, poor me, I’m only following my faith and everyone is trying to persecute me for it.”

    From her perspective not only did she get to tell “the gays” that they’re all going to go straight to hell because their love is somehow “wrong” so they better repent, she also gets to play the victim card because everyone is now attacking her for bigotry.

    This a common tactic of the modern theist when people call them on their militant anti-gay nonsense.


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