Pagan Atheist?

For the few religionists who visit the site, this ought to make your day. Here is proof simply not believing in God does not make one immune to nonsense. Atheist Paganism? I’m so sick and tired of young women falling for this Wicca bullshit. No, you are not a witch with magical powers. No, you can not use spells to make some douchebag you have a crush on fall in love with you.

If you want to do “medicinal” shit, try becoming a doctor instead. Harry Potter is fiction, not real life. I hope as you grow up, you can look back at this video and wonder “how the hell was I ever that fucking naive?”

If you make it through the whole thing, it’s because you think she’s hot. I made it past minute 6 and wanted to kill myself.

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    Luc Leblanc

    THe funniest part of the whole thing appear at 0:18 when she uses an insecticide in a spray bottle to keep a bug away. Yup, wicca rocks but modern chemistry is the way to go against pests.

    Typical post-modern savagery.

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    I think the part in the middle is really telling where she talks about her old beliefs.

    She says something along the lines of “I didn’t used to be a Wicca because that was new, instead I like the old [Greek] gods and goddesses.

    “Like” is the key word; these people are pretty much hipsters, they believe in whatever is hip and in fashion, it really isn’t a serious belief (despite some slightly more serious externalities) and for most it will pass just like Kahki trousers.

    Yes, it’s kind of annoying, but really nothing more, if they want to believe in dumb shit, fine. I’ll concentrate on the religion that causes war, racism, sexism, child abuse and halts the progression of humanity; then we can get to these people.

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    Will Rodbourne

    0:10 – The two words I would use to describe her would be ‘cam whore’.

    2:22 – ‘fucking idiot’

    3:10 – She admits that whilst she doesn’t pray to them any more, she still “likes” Hecate and Hermes (from the Greek pantheon of GODS). She ain’t no atheist, and I still think ‘fucking idiot’ fits pretty well.

    4:10 – More bug spray! Put some fucking clothes on! Oh, you can’t because you’re a cam-whore, I remember now.

    6:12 – Made it past the mark and I don’t want to kill myself, only her.

    6:13 – “So it’s all really what you believe in. And I’m not saying that’s because we just, like, take things and we add them or subtract them…some..sometimes we do do that – which is why I lost my faith. But…yeah…heh..I hope I’m making sense. Yeah.” ‘confused child’ might seem more apt to me now.

    8:00 – Finally she thinks that using an entire bottle of bug spray is bad, but only fleetingly as she quickly blames the mosquitos and not the fact that she’s a half-naked cam-whore! So we’re back to ‘fucking idiot’ for my final conclusion.

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    The thing about people wanting to be a part of an “old” religion is we don’t even know that much about how ancient religions were practiced. So it’s basically an excuse to make shit up as you go along, and feel important about it.
    But I think I’m with theenglishatheist on this one, I’m not going to lose sleep over it.

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    She’s hot! I don’t care what she believes.

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    Will, why would you ever tell an attractive, albeit not very bright, lady to put some clothes on? Shame on you sir!

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    Come on, witches are hot! Loopy, uninhibitied girls who feel a need to act out. What else do you want?

    OK, maybe Catholic school girls. Repressed girls in uniforms who feel a need to act out.

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    That’s funny, I saw this last night on Youtube. She’s dumb as a box of rocks. Just because you think something is fun and cool doesn’t make it real. Cause if that shit was the case I would be in a religion where I’m the only man alive surrounded by hot chicks, I fly the millineum falcon and the Angus Burger at McDonalds doesn’t make me fat. I mean it sounds awesome, so it must be true!

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    SG, well played sir. Well played indeed.

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    I evolved from an ape, whats your excuse?

    Like wow I am just amazed that today’s youth are like so totally articulate, and like so opinionated and like spiritual.

    But more seriously, this is retarded, I want the 8mins of my life back.

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    Made it to 3:46, I had to bail out before suffering irreparable brain damage.

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    Could only stomach about 30 seconds I’m afraid.

    Burn the witch!

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    Andy Scott

    Speaking of burning witches, here’s a random bit of funnynessness.

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    Scott Harrison

    My former housemates were pagan…I found their things tolerable. mainly because I managed to steal myself some free cake when cleaning up after the Solstice/equinox thing.

    One thing which did annoy me about the one time they had it at Our house – they made me turn off the Wi-fi so it didn’t mess with their energies. So I didn’t have internet access during it. :(

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    I was waiting for her to use her magical wiccan power to annihilate those bugs… I guess they just weren’t working that day. Cough. I wonder why.

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    Video removed by user. I have seen it but I would like my friends to suffer also. Any other sources?

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    I follow you guys’ show all the time, even on fb. Just came across this. This girl is extremely immature and obviously hasn’t done any research. This gives everyone a completely fucked up view on Atheistic paganism. Of course it isn’t like all that harry potter bullshit or whatever. I follow the natural order of the seasons so I can better my gardens and also to help grow my herbal teas- which DO help a lot of ailments such as infections and arthritis. There is no bullshit hocus pocus involved. These so-called deities are just used to put a name on astrological events and etc that have been more thoroughly explained by scientists over the decades. Although mythology does have a lot of cool “stories” that coincide with said deities. Yes, this video is pretty much bullshit. But you guys are super smart, I listen to you all the time… But damn o______o

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    Being a pagan atheist and this girl have nothing in common.
    I am a pagan atheist.
    I believe in NO deities and no afterlife.
    I do, however, follow much of the Wiccan way. As mentioned in the previous post: following the natural order.
    I have a great deal of respect for nature and believe we should live in harmony with it and with each other.
    I believe faith/religion is personal and should never be pushed on another.
    I believe we reap what we sow.
    I believe we should not cause harm to others as we lead our lives.
    I believe in the power of our minds; not in a spiritual way but in a scientific way. We have the power to overcome a lot if we just put our minds to it.
    I believe in the mind-body connection. Again, not spiritually but I believe positivity and happiness go a long way towards being a healthy person.
    I believe we should never stop learning or growing as people, and that ignorace is the worst type of “sin”
    I see the deities as representations of ideas, not as beings.
    THAT is what is is to be a pagan atheist.

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