Parent fail

So let me get this straight: you have your kids singing to “My Humps” to profess their faith? You do know what this song is about, right?

Favorite line from their shitty song: “you don’t need evolution, it’s just not the solution”. So true! I mean, when you’re trying to save someone’s life who has a life threatning infection, it’s way better to pray to a dead Jewish guy for mercy. I don’t even go to the hospital thanks to my friend Jesus. Sure, I have a bunch of growths on my back, but those are faith bumps that remind me how much God loves me.

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    lolz. …I mean what more can be said.

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    Brainwashing kids is so horrible :(,and now whenever I hear that song this is all I will thing of :P.

    On a side note has anyone checked out the tyra banks interview with the west boro baptist church?! Fuck yeah Tyra.

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    Gotta watch out for those “Pagan” Atheists

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    my bumps. my lovely faith bumps

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    They can’t even sing. Especially the boy.

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    pagan? atheists? Do they even know what an atheist is? What? What the fuck? Really? My brain hurts.

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    AJ Buwalda

    Pagan Athiest? That just priceless in its own right! “I’m gonna sen them free, make them christian just like me.” I believe they are not grasping the concept of freedom very well. Not being just like them is a freedom, actually.

    They learn to be nice from Jesus, wait whut? You mean the racistic, homophobic warmonger? That’s just awesome. I’m sure that will make you a great person while you slay the people that disagree with you.

    “Please stop your hate in an atheist debate.” You mean the critical stance, buddy. Ofcourse you do not like that because it shows you blatant ingorance. Than you brand it hate to try to guilt us in to just excepting you just the way you are. Ain’t gonna happen, son.

    Those parent should be fucking slapped in the face. Handicapping your child like this is just criminal. Just make em gullible as all hell, that will help, right?

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    I evolved from an ape, whats your excuse?

    Those kids will haunt my dreams forever.

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    Cheryl Lawson

    I went on their youtube page and I’m pretty sure it’s just satire I watched one of their other videos “jesusback” and they ended up laughing just like me (it was pretty bad/funny)

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    Actually, it’s not just a whole little family thing. It’s a yet-to be released CD called- wait for it- FAITHBOP. Fail, right?

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