Al Qaeda releases women’s magazine

Ladies, did you know napalm isn’t only useful for sending American G.I’s to hell; it’s also great for the skin! This and other great tips are yours with a subscription to al-Shamika, a women’s magazine being published by your favorite terrorist organization, al-Qaeda.

al-Shamika’s table of contents lists articles on “Marrying a jihadist,” “Sharia law that applies to you” and “Your house is your kingdom,” as well as a “meeting with a jihad wife.”

I can’t wait until they come out with more articles like “How to avoid beatings”, “10 ways to prevent your teenage daughter from being honor-killed”, and finally the classic “Learn to suffer in silence”. Get your subscription now, ladies!

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    Andy Scott

    “7 hair and make-up tips they (men) didn’t want you to know.”

    or they can go with:

    “10 seductive techniques to hook up with that handsome man at the bar.”


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    “How to avoid getting raped, we don’t want to have to kill you”

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    I evolved from an ape, whats your excuse?

    Actually I heard that this magazine was in Oprah’s picks of the month.

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