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If child rape wasn’t enough bad karma for you, try this one for size: Catholic run hospitals in Spain took part in a massive baby kidnapping campaign that lasted over 4 decades. When a fan of the show sent me the link I was too dumbstruck to believe it at first. I mean, how much evil shit can one organization do, and when will I stop being so naive?

It turns out that during the regime of Francisco Franco, the government had a policy of taking babies away from political opponents in order for Franco to keep a tight leash on his country. After his death in 1975 (yeah, Spain was under the boot of a fascist dictator for a while after the war), the practice is said to have continued well into the 1980’s and perhaps even beyond.

Doctors, nurses, nuns and priests are all suspected of forming part of an organised network that told mothers their children had died during, or straight after, birth. Campaigners said they believed many thousands of cases of stolen babies would eventually come to light.

It’s hard to say how many babies got kidnapped. Estimates range from 30,000 to as many as 300,000, but I’m inherently suspicious of the latter. The government is still refusing to conduct an investigation, even as pressure mounts from hundreds of “stolen” babies. These victims have been politely told to make their own investigation into the matter, which is essentially a big “fuck off”. Spain is apparently still very sore about all the crazy shit that went on back in the day.

How fucking messed up is it that the Catholic Church in Spain not only participated in the crime under Franco, but continued long after he was dead? My head is still spinning here. Are these clowns still convinced that they are in a position to lecture humanity on morality?

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    Spanish atheist

    Yeah, it’s true, but it took so many years to be known, that almost everyone that was involved is now dead or too old to be judged… In Spain, the catholic church (actually, its almost the only christian church in the country) has been very powerful for years, and only recently it has lost much of its power (happily) and influence: very few people take religion seriously now, although most of the people is formally christian. (i.e., they are baptized) Even the traditional christian holidays have become some kind of secular holidays, where the christian meaning is less and less important (much like Christmas all around the world): the “holy week”, the pilgrimages to churches and the special days for local saints or virgins are now only an excuse not to work (or go to school) and to drink and have fun with everyone: praying and all that stuff is almost lost except for old people and religious fanatics (the latter being very few, fortunately)

    By the way, Franco died in 1975, 1978 is when we got our Constitution 😉 Greetings from Spain!

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    I evolved from an ape, whats your excuse?

    Well it’s good to hear that the religious fever has started to die down somewhat in the area, but the deeds of the past certainly will leave a stain for years to come.

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    Okay, with that I am officially telling everyone I know that is catholic that they should switch religions (which I have done before) or they are officially pieces of shit that are condoning these types of actions (I’ve always held the opinion that I never get the church mixed up with their followers). This just crosses the line. I don’t know if it’s worese than all the other shit they have ever done, but it’s the straw that broke the camels back. Fuck you, catholocism. The fucking evilness of the church has shocled me for the last time.

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    I don’t want to detract from how horrible this is, but I want to add that this is just a small part of the abuse women and babies undergo in hospitals. For years it has been standard practice to sedate women during or after childbirth and take the infant away from it’s family for 24 hours or more. It is this kind of “medical” abuse that allows babies to be stolen in hospitals. If the mother is awake and surrounded by family, it is impossible to pretend that the baby “just died.” If the baby is allowed to remain in the care of it’s parents, then it’s not going anywhere.
    In many places, such as the United States, unnecessary interventions are often preformed to the detriment of both the mother and the infant’s health. This is why there are hospitals where one third of the women who walk in expecting a normal healthy delivery are wheeled out with a c-section scar. This is not okay.

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