TGA Podcast: Episode 127

This week, Carisa joins me for a long conversation about why ‘Atheists are angry’ (based on this article here)

If you want to thank Carisa for her help with the podcasts, then vote for her on this website! Your vote is appreciated.

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    Anonymous Atheist

    “This week, we travel back in time and publish episode 124, which we accidentally skipped! Carisa joins me for a long conversation about why “Atheists are angry”.”

    I’m confused… what is this, then?
    The Good Atheist Podcast: Episode 124
    February 19, 2011 2:12 pm
    “With all the internet issues we’ve been having down south, it finally looks like I’ll be able to put up the latest podcast. This week, Carisa joins me as we ask “should we be intolerant of pseudo-science”, how intelligence isn’t static, and why believers need to wake up. Don’t miss it.”

    Their mp3 links both lead to the same place, the file from the original posting having been overwritten by the new one.

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    AHAAAhhaa, that’s awesome. I was like, “Shit! He musta said sumthin really fucked up and taken it off before anyone got to hear it!” I’m almost a little disaponted now that you didn’t.

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    Slightly off topic, but are you ever going to re-upload some of the older episodes? Namely episode 40… I’ve listened to them all, and have the .mp3s, aside from that one live episode (Bonus #45) you guys did. But I’ve been unable to scrounge up #40. I think I remember you saying you lost them during a server change or something, and if thats the case then maybe the appeal should be made to my fellow TGA fans. Like I said I have them all save for #40, maybe someone happens to have the one I’m missing.

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    AJ Buwalda

    Awesome show, mates. Carissa Hendrix, you are one cool lady; an awesome addition for the show. That and a female opinion never hurts either!

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    I am actually commeting on Episode 124, but this link is on the front page. Fuck you, I’m lazy. Good show, finally just heard it due to the bruhaha. But one thing ALWAYS pisses me off to no end is when you 2 start talking about raising kids, specifically Clarissa. Just because you were ever so briefly a teacher doesn’t mean you know shit about raising kids, much less fucking being a parent. I got 20 fucking nieces and nephews, I knew exactly what I was getting into, there were no suprises as far as how douchey a kid could be. All of your opinions on raising, having them, being around children, whatever, you are entitled to them, but I find them to be naive and obnoxious. You’re great on the show, really, keep saying whatever you want I wouldn’t have it any other way. But you say sumthin stupid, I’m gonna call you out on it. Still think you’re awesome though.

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    I evolved from an ape, whats your excuse?

    I loved the podcast guys! We “angry atheists” need to stick together after all. So I read the article that you this podcast was about and I have to point out this one thing, and it’s a question I have asked many religious people.

    The Rabbi wrote,

    1. Atheists genuinely resent the evil that religion has done. No one can seriously deny that religion has been guilty of wickedness in this world and has provided cover for wickedness. I refer not only to abusers who hide under the cloak of clergy, but religious persecutions, the stifling of speech and dissent, the mistreatment of women — the crimes are legion. While as a believer I think there is much more to be said about this topic, it is certainly reasonable for people to be angry at religion for its abuses, particularly people who have themselves been victims.

    Now my question is if he can sit back and point out the wrong doings of a religion, maybe even his, then at what point do you stop following what you know to be an archaic, corrupt institution? How much violence and ugliness have to happen before the followers of these religions wake up and denounce the overall faith. I know for a fact that if a government or ruling body associated with everyday life was to conduct themselves like the the catholic church there would be riots. People wouldn’t follow a pedophilic corrupt president so why would people follow a corrupt pedophilic church?

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    Hi guys, One of the first times listening to your podcast from here in South Africa. I think it’s a pretty cool serving for young and or less discerning people but if I can make a suggestion, if you slow down on talking speed (this will allow you to choose your words more carefully) and the swearing (I have wanted to introduce your podcast to some friends but had to be careful about who as it contains bad language. It’s difficult enough to convince religious opponents without still attacking their idea of moral language :).

    On a slightly different note I am thinking of starting a soup kitchen and getting help from farmers with surplus vegetables, etc. I want to call it something associated to truth and understanding (without saying the word atheism directly), as, on a more philosophical note I would like to show everyone that I am leaving a place open for evidence that could one day (unlikely as it is) point to a creator.

    Something like “The skeptics foundation for human well being”.

    Any suggestions?

    Great podcast!Thanks!

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