Could this go anywhere?

A fan sent me a link to a website called and it seems that so far, few people have chosen to use this clever little service. The whole point of the website is to provide a chat room for anyone interested in atheism, but the problem is that these guys are using IRC, a dying communication medium that’s going the way of the dodo.

I think they would be better off making it a twitter or facebook thing exclusively. Otherwise, the necessity of downloading IRC and having to learn to navigate this antiquated system would probably turn off many prospects who have legitimate questions to ask. Still, I wish them luck!

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    I prefer to talk about atheism in morse code and on my ham radio.

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    Andy Scott

    When you said IRC was going the way of the dodo, I had an image in my head of explorers catching them and eating them.

    I think I need another lie down.

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    I kinda like IRC as it offers many-to-many instant communication. And it’s not going the way of the dodo. Well yes, as a mainstream com medium, it is. However, devs, Linux enthusiasts and similar folks still love this. And to be honest, so do I.

    Call me old fashioned 😛

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    I do most of my casual communication on IRC.

    TGA would probably be cooler if it had an IRC channel.

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    Having to “learn” IRC? It’s the most basic thing out there! It’s NOT HARD.

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    Michael S

    I’m one of the operators on talkatheist and we really appreciate the shout out. Chatting on talkatheist is a 1-on-1 chat with an operator through a program called mibew and no downloads are required, it’s all pretty easy to use. The reason IRC mentioned is that we also have a community channel in irc (#talkatheist on freenode) where there’s normally about 40-50 people hanging out including the operators although some are obviously AFK. Anyway, I hope to see many of you on talkatheist or in the irc chan.

    Michael S

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    IRC is dying? Both the SGU and the JREF have extremely active channels, and I’m sure there are plenty more out there. I’ve also gotten a lot of really obscure computer problems that can’t be solved by Googling by going into an Ubuntu chat room and asking for help. IRC is a great way to build a close knit community because it’s all done in real time. Many of the people I’ve met through IRC have put me up in their apartment when I was traveling and shown me their countries. In the SGU channel, people can just pop in and ask a question about something and get a much quicker answer than using the message board (especially if there are follow up questions). I can totally see how irc would be perfect for what talkatheist is accomplishing.

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    its actually easy to get in but kind of confusing to conversate with no thread comments

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