Sam Harris spanks Deepak Chopra

Sam Harris does his best to spank Deepak and his pathetic attempt to understand concepts he either fails to grasp or twists them for his own purpose. I actually think it’s the former; Deepak strikes me as more of a dummy than a scam artist. Watching him try to defend his knowledge was a great little fail moment I’ll be basking about all day.

“I want to address the human question” is another way of saying “I’m about to spew a bunch of rambling thoughts that sounds, to my ears at least, highly credible.” Jean Houston will make you want to pull the hair out of your head. Luckily for me it’s already mostly in my hairbrush.

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    Man, Deepak Chopra is so infuriating to listen to.

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    Andy Scott

    “He’s trying to woo you guys with woo-woo.”

    That was adorable.

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    Deepak Chopra: New Age fundamentalist. The guy obviously get perturbed by challenges. Perhaps not as virulently so as apologists of other faiths, but still, you can see he’s bought his own stories hook, line, and sinker. What he says is aimless meaninglessness; no small feat that. And was he auditioning for a role as a Christian apologist by throwing those quotes out without context? Damn that was pitiful. I like how Shermer was amused by him, and countering theists is one of Harris’ specialties because he can cut right to the chase and implore the audience with an implicit “Really?”.

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    I love that Sam Harris put Deepak in his place..but am uncomfortable with the tactic. Harris told Chopra that since he wasn’t a theoretical physicist that he couldn’t expound upon the details of quantum mechanics. Fair enough. But then people like Chopra, and especially Reza Aslan claim that you don’t know enough about Islam so you really can’t criticize it because you’re not an expert. I say, bullshit. But, it’s the you’re “REALLY” not an expert but a dumb fucking fool and have no right to question or criticize that annoys me on both side…I rambled…sorry.

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    That’s some entertaining stuff. With the exception of when the woman I don’t recognise thought it would be a good idea to babble nonsense. Even Chopra had a WTF? look on his face.

    Now to watch the rest to see if Michael Shermer slaps the shit out of Deepak as he so obviously wants to do.

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    Fascinating. I’ve never really heard this pseudo science new-new age nonsense argued as if it were backed by science before. It seems that Chopra really is trying to baffle and confuse people with sciency sounding words and concepts mixed in with your usual new-age BS to create….

    … well, you know if you take some paint of every beautiful colour of the rainbow and mix it together you get a nasty brown colour… well that’s pretty much what Chopra’s argument is. Pack in as many interesting words as possible at the same time, in the hopes that people only see what’s going into the mix, rather than what comes out. His argument is definitely a case of the whole being much, much less than the sum of its parts.

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