People are gullible

“Inspired by true events”. What the fuck does that even mean? Father Gary Thomas believes that people who practice Wicca, the harmless bullshit so many young women fall for, are corrupted by the devil. Does he have any proof? It’s morons like this guy who remind us all why we’re lucky the church isn’t in control anymore.

This idiot claims about 80% of the people claiming demonic possession have suffered some form of abuse, but he can recognize the “real thing” when he sees it the other 20% of the time. Ah, I guess when you’re using your priest magic and someone gives you the old “crazy eyes”, you know it’s gotta be real!

Exorcisms are dangerous, irresponsible, and traumatic to anyone involved. There are even people who die because of this stupidity. The fact the movie claims to be based on real events makes me shake my head in disbelief. Father Thomas is a scary man who shouldn’t be allowed near anyone who happens to have opaque eyes, let alone have a movie made about him.

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    Jamie Montreuil

    Wow, this is a whole boat load of horseshit. I love how media influence trumps common sense. The only reason this quack is on TV is to boost sales of that movie “The Rite”. One other thing that I must say is that to hear the so called “exorcist” say that he believes in the Rite and the ritual just makes me think that you couldn’t possibly believe in this ritual without believing in the devil. That knowledge of the devil goes hand in hand with trying to protect yourself from him. I honestly think these preachers and holy men get a rush from thinking that God is working through them and that they alone have the grace to fend off the devil. It makes me sick to see people still using the crutch of religion, if we could all move past that and just understand that life is life without science or religion I think we might be on to something. Then again maybe this isn’t me typing, maybe i’m possessed by some unappreciative demon just sticking it to the big guy.

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