That’s just ignorant

Now all of you are acutely aware of how disdainful I am of religion in general, but I have the common courtesy not to yell either obscenities or jeers at Muslims just going about their business. These Tea Party racist jackasses are upset because people of a different flesh tone are praying to an equally ridiculous God, and they can’t stand the idea.

Them chanting “USA, USA” during a hate rally is the cherry on top of this shit sundae, isn’t it?

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    Sorry it took so long to respond.

    “There is not ONE crime that you can blame on atheism. Don’t give me Stalin, his dogmna was communism. ”

    How can you blame anything on atheism? You guys are just like a vapor. You state that you are just people who don’t believe in God just like you are a group of people who don’t believe in the tooth fairy.

    So if someone commits a crime, is the media going to mention in the article that the person doesn’t go to church? or that he doesn’t attend the “Tooth fairy believers unite!” weekly meeting? or that the person doesn’t eat his boogers? No.

    Atheist commit crimes and no one ever knows they are an atheist because you don’t associate yourself to anything.

    The tooth fairy atheist are clean too!

    So no, I can’t say that stalin or moa committed any atrocities in the name of atheism. But I can assure you that many martyrs died because of the same hatred you have in the name of “anti-religion”. I dare you to read the book Jesus Freaks all the way through. Half of the stories in there are about the Soviet soldiers telling Christians “Deny Jesus or I will torture you. Deny him and I will kill you quickly”.
    Did they do this because they were atheist? I’m not sure but they did it because they hated religion because it interfered with communism. How is this any different?

    And I can tell you that plenty of non-religious communism governments hate religion because the government is like God and Christianity gets in the way of that. Look at China. The Chinese government controls the church and won’t let them say anything that they don’t approve of. They can’t say that God is the ultimate authority because communism is the ultimate authority. Christians have to hold private churches underground to actually be able to preach what the Bible says. If they get found, they get killed, beaten, and have acid thrown in their face. Go to the Voice of the Martyrs website and see all the injustices done in the name of obeying a government that hates religion.

    No, communism doesn’t cause atheism but it certainly supports it and encourages it because any religion will go against communism. So, in my opinion, communism is almost always “anti-religion” which holds the same dogma as atheists.

    “MightyFooda; People are often set in there believe and afraid to lose alot.”
    Yes, you are. You are so set in your belief that you can’t stand being called out for being a hypocrite. It makes you so mad because you believe that Christians are the leaders in hypocrasy. Which I will not argue against, we have are side of the street to clean up. But that doesn’t mean that you are not doing the same thing.

    No wonder people think atheists are arrogant (like jake has posted on many times), you say stuff like “atheist never do anything wrong! Our shit doesn’t stink!”

    You have the gall to quote matt 7:2 to me? This is such a move right out the atheist handbook. If a Christian gets upset say they are a hypocrite.

    This verse is used with an individual. You can’t associate me with a whole group of people that you feel are doing something wrong and say that I’m also doing that same thing.

    I’m not the one in that video. I have been respectable and courteous to all of you on your “territory” but have gotten so much hatred thrown at me from people like Goldenarms that it ridiculous. And no one has ever said “Hey goldenarms, shut up. This guy has come here to talk and you are just being an ass.”

    Jim says that he doesn’t have vitriol for me but just my religion. But in the few months I have been coming to this site, so many readers have said some really nasty things about my character that aren’t true. Did anyone call them out on it? nope. So I’m assuming that you all agree with that person. If someone is severely beating someone up and the 20 people standing around doesn’t stop him, aren’t they just as guilty?

    There is a big difference in calling someone out on their crap and judging. I’m saying that it’s ridiculous for you post the video in “That’s just ignant” telling everyone that Christians should never be outraged at muslims but then you turn around and do the same thing.

    Have you cornered the market on the outrage at muslims? Christians have their problems but we speak out against the people that violate the teachings of Jesus. We don’t teach people to rape children. Muslims teach their people to blow up people! Christians have blown up abortion clinics but there is NO CHURCH that supports this and certainly doesn’t teach people to do this.

    Yes, Christians have done alot of wrong things in the past but we don’t now. So you can’t say that the church has done some things wrong so they are not allow to be outraged at muslims. We are teaching love now and doing alot of good.

    You disagree this happens so I guess we can agree to disagree. I will never be able to prove that Christianity is better than a non religious society. But you also can’t claim that a nonreligious society is better. As I’ve pointed out, communism most of the time is a non-religious society and they have committed lots of atrocities.

    But you are going to say that we aren’t teaching love because we won’t let gays marry. That is a small price to pay to have religion around changing people’s lives for the better on a daily basis. I personally think Christians are making a mistake here. Christians should not push our religious dogma on to a non-religious government.

    You think all of societies problems are because of religion. You think we should take responsibility for gay teens killing themselves. And maybe we should. I personally disagree with much of what politicians are doing in the name of the Christian right-wing tea party. They have taken over and are using Jesus’ name for their own gain. I totally don’t support these wolves in sheep clothing. They care more about their money than they do about Jesus. If Jesus came back today, the tea-baggers and rightwing Christian politicians who use Jesus’ name for their gain would be the first ones he would be angry at. How do I know this? Because when He was here 2000 years ago those were the only people that He was mad at, the religious people that were using the name of God for their own gain.

    So don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

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    oops. I posted this in the wrong post. I meant to post this in the “PHILADELPHIA ARCHDIOCESE STILL RAMPANT WITH PEDOPHILES” post.

    I posted this there as well.

    Jake, can you delete this post above ( and this one too i guess)

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