The story of Lot

The messed up thing in all of this seems to me to be the fact that rather than head to the nearest town to find some eligible guys (non-Jews), Lot and his daughters decided to “keep it in the family”. Oh, Biblical incest: you have so much to teach the world!

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    The Angry Cave Bear

    There’s quite a lot of stories found in, what is generally called the Hebrew Bible in higher circles of education (by that I mean generally anything past High School), that honestly made me just shake my head in pure wonder.

    As far as I can honestly remember. To be considered a Jew (thus one of the beloved of Yahweh) back in those days you had to be born one. There was no conversion, which well as the video points out causes doesn’t give much wiggle room for options.

    Oh the minds of people…

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    This story is very good one with 2 important lessons.
    1…Its OK to have sex with my hot daughter. And I thought incest was against the buyBull!
    2…Getting plastered past the point that I cant recognize my hot daughter … I can still get it UP!!!

    On the serious side…the main point here is that LOT was still a good guy it was his evil sex mad daughters that seduced him. Again men are weak and women are evil. Same old buyBull misogyny.

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    All of those videos are pretty entertaining.

    Good find!

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