Illinois school board gets shitty candidates

Illinois’s 95th District school board has just joined a distinguished group of ignoramuses who continue to undermine the educational futures of their progeny. The members of the board are all up for re-election, and all 4 candidates have said they support creationism being taught alongside evolution in science classrooms.

One even claimed it was evolution, and not his stupid Judeo-Christian based belief, that was “just a theory”.

Pietro [one of the candidates] believes creationism should be taught in science class to give students “as much information as possible” about the origins of life.

“I think we can say this is a theory,” he said Thursday. “None of us were here when man was created.”

I guess we can assume from his highly scientific “roundup” he’s the best person to dictate what students should be learning about biology here…

Creationism isn’t a theory. It makes no predictions, has no way of being tested, and is believed DESPITE the evidence. It’s a faith-based belief, and nothing more, and it deserves to be in science class as much as Holocaust denial deserves to be in a history class. Teach the controversy, people!

Think I’m being overly dramatic? If you lower the criteria of “theory” to the point where anyone with a bullshit crackpot idea is allowed to “teach the controversy”, how can we hope the education of our children has any fucking integrity?

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    I hear ya brother. Its always extremely disturbing to me to see people with obviously no education being placed in a position of authority within the educational system. Well whatever, I dont get why world religions cant all be tought in a philosophy class outside of science. Its just not goddamned science.

    Seriously, whats the argument? “Dur, evolution is too hard for me to understand, and no one has HD video of the universe’s creation, therefore God!”

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    What I can’t understand is why these schools even have a science classes if they’re going to refuse to acknowledge scientific facts.

    Assuming there are State mandates dictating that science is a necessary part of education — as there should be — than why are scientific illiterates given any say in what is taught in those class rooms?

    “I think that the Earth is flat, and it should be the responsibility of geography teachers present this idea to their students as a valid possibility.”

    “Viruses are just a theroy. Disease is the result of an imbalance in the four humours, and I’m offended that children are learning differently in biology classes.”

    “I’m a moron who will never rise above shoveling shit out of the elephant’s pen at the circus, but I believe that two and two added together equals seventeen, and I don’t care how many mathamaticians say otherwise.”

    Unacceptable. Ignorant people should not be allowed to have any influence on education.

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    Truth be told, the people who originally wrote the Bible were Jews exiled in Babylon, all they were trying to say when they wrote the (today called) book of Genesis is that the world is in itself a temple, that the temple in Jerusalem that was destroyed was not necessary to pray and keep traditions alive. The book of Genesis is poetry about creation intended to give hope to an exiled people. Atheists and so called “creationists” should really read more (serious) theology (real theologians include Karl Barth, Karl Rahner, Jon Sobrino, Hans Küng, etc. and NOT the usual American bullshit televangelists).

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