Westboro Church gets spanked by Anonymous

If the movie “Hackers” taught us anything, it’s you don’t want to mess with sexy, counterculture revolutionaries with something to prove. That’s why the Westboro Baptist Church made a bit of a mistake when they sent an open letter to Anonymous telling them to “bring it” after it was rumored the group was planning on crashing their sites (which was apparently a play by the WBC to gain attention).

Well, you play with fire and you get burned, boy! It didn’t take long for Anonymous to hack the gibson, and as of right now, they’ve successfully been taken down.

Now I’m not the biggest fan of this kind of guerilla action (mostly because I’m scared to death of getting my gibson hacked), but it’s hard to feel bad for these fuckfaces. What I worry about is the free publicity they get from these kinds of actions. The Westboro Baptist Church seems to always manage to find a way to make it in the news, don’t they?

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    When this first came out and it seemed that Anon had fired the first shots I was put in the unfortunate position of siding with WBC and against what looked like a bid at censorship. The latest developments though have certainly worked out much better then I had dared hope. Anon’s response is mature, measured, and includes cake… what’s not to like!

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    i think you mean ‘guerilla’, jacob =D

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    AJ Buwalda

    I can not condone the actions of anonymous. As soon as one breaks the law to to tackle anybody who is within their right, which the WBC is how distasteful they may be, than one takes the wrong approach.

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    Your sites down so often we wouldn’t even notice if it got hacked 😛

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    @AJBUWALDA I agree, of corse Westburo deserves it but breaking the law is not the way to do it.

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    infinite monkey

    @AJ: IMHO, I think this specific hack should be considered free speech. Anon didn’t set out mess with the WBC. They’ve got bigger fish to fry, and they usually only go after groups perceived to stifle free speech, such as scientology and the whole wikileaks fiasco. However, WBC were very beligerant, so, it seems like this was little more than saying “We don’t want to mess with you, but leave us alone. We can take down your website with easy if we wanted to.”

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    Congratulations to Anonymous for taking down the WBC site

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    Eh, I don’t know about applying morality to hackers. They’re hackers man, part of that is rooting around in shit they’re not supposed to. The point is, WBC has a long history of doing shit that is profoundly shameful to humanity as a whole and they deserve much, much worse.

    Thats all irrelevant though, my favorite part is the” hackers can’t shut us down because God will protect our websites” bit, followed by all their shit promptly being shut down. I think theres a lesson there somewhere, perhaps that God is either not all powerful or not on their side (or doesnt exist, obviously). Nah, its probably that “God is mysterious” just like all the other blatant contradictions.

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