You’ve been left behind

Apparently, to prank a Christian all you need to do is gather a bunch of people together, get them undressed quickly, and voila, you have yourself a rapture prank. You’ve got to love cheap Christian television.

I can’t tell if this is all scripted or if that idiot girl really believed she was “left behind” by her magical Messiah. Either way, exploiting the gullible seems like the kind of thing Christians would get a kick out of.

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    it looks like an act to me but it is hard to tell cuz there are a lot that do believe.
    The reason I think it is fake is because it is done now rather then when the rapture is said to occur. If this were done on the day I think many deluded xtian would react so.

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    So when is Rapture suppose to occur? I’ll make sure to wear clean underwear if they’re going to be “left behind”… oh wait, I’m not part of the chosen ones am I?

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    people are retarded. Im embarrassed to be of the same species as her

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    I would hope that is fake, but you never know. The local news did a story on the May 21 idiots, this one man they interviewed was so adamant that he would not be here on May 22…fucking retards.

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