Sectarian peace in all its glory

Nigeria is currently the battleground between Christianity and Islam. Since last year, over 2000 people have died fighting. Despite communities trying to sign various peace treaties with one another, every once in a while they just start attacking one another again. It’s a perfect example of the kind of division and strife that mutually incompatible beliefs cause.

The latest incident involves 18 Christians who were killed, and 12 were injured after being attacks by a roving gang armed with guns, cutlasses, and arrows (that’s pretty damn old school).

I can only imagine the situation getting worse, especially considering revenge killings are just a fact of life. All hail the religions of peace, and their uncanny ability to civilize mankind!

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    Andy Scott

    “We are a religion of peace and if you say that we’re not, we’re going to kick the shit out of you.”

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