Hebrew concept of the earth

Wow, it’s so close to the real thing, isn’t it? If this is the best God can do in terms of informing his “children” on the technical specifications of the Universe, it certainly explains why he did such a piss-poor job teaching other things, like morality and civics. Fail.

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    That’s cool, is there a bigger version of that image?

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    Jacob Fortin

    Check the source image url.

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    The thing to keep in mind when looking at this is *HUMANS* – or rather, monkeys, in Fortin-speak – devised this schematic. The Abrahamic god couldn’t be bothered to spit this visual explanation onto a rock within view. Instead, he chose the most interpretive – and thus screw-upable – method possible: Black and white text. In 1 language among many.

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    Did you create the image, Jacob? I want it on a poster.

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    It may be inaccurate, but it is a really beautiful image.

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