Trading hatred for love

Homophobic crime is on the rise in England, and as you might have already guessed, the culprits are hiding behind a veil of religion to justify their bigotry.

The backlash is due to the growing recognition of gay rights, both to marry and adopt, and this has prompted groups motivated by improvable dogma to retaliate. One unidentified group is putting up stickers that say “gay free zone” along with a quote from the Koran.

In response to this, gay rights activists have gone on a campaign of “defacing” the stickers with the word “love” in an effort to combat this vile hatred.

Actor Wendy Richardson explained the rationale behind the group’s response.

“Rather than get angry with the people who did it, we decided to counter it with some love. We’re a cross section of people, of all races and sexualities – gay, straight and bisexual – saying it’s just not appropriate.

“But we thought – you know what? We’re not going to hate you back. It sounds a bit wet, but takes a lot of courage.”

It’s nicer than the tactic I would have employed, but then again I’m a crusty bastard with little tolerance for stupidity and blind bigotry. Good for them for taking the high road!

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