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You have to love the French. I like the way they think. Apart from the bloody mess of their Revolution, and their tendency to allow horrible dictators a crack at running their country, every once in a while they do something remarkable (like inventing the metric system).

Recently, a group of Atheists in France have created a petition to ensure that both Bibles and Korans have to be sold with a warning label that would read:

This book contains sexist, homophobic, sectarian and crime-inducing passages. It is necessary to set it back in its historical context knowing it was written before the Middle-Ages”.

I love it! If you have some time, go to the site and sign their petition. I realize we’re unlikely to win this one but hey, it’s worth a shot, right?

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    Andy Scott

    I love it. I wonder if they’re taking suggestions for lables in the future.

    “Warning: May impair judgement.”

    “Spoiler: Jesus dies.”

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    Wasn’t there a production run of “The Origin Of Species” with a load of nonsense at the front?

    Couldn’t a similar but reverse thing be done with the Bible and the Koran? Would I be right in thinking that both are public domain and so this would be entirely possible?

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    Sterling Knight

    Now we just need a “WARNING: CRAPPY LITERATURE” label on Twilight and other books of the sort.

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    If I remember correctly the reprint of “The Origin of Species” was done by Kirk Cameron team and Ray Comfort, otherwise known as the Banana Guy. I’m too lazy to look it up right now but I’m pretty sure Jacob talked about it on one of the Podcasts and / or wrote an article about it.

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