The New Tithe

I can’t imagine a bigger waste of money than giving it to churches. Seriously. It would actually be more productive if you threw it away in the garbage, since at least in this instance some poor homeless guy might actually find some of it.

The image we have in our head of where the money goes (like homeless shelters, adoption agencies, etc) doesn’t match the reality. Even if it did, do you honestly want a bunch of nonsense mixed in with such essential services? I sure don’t.

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    Isaac Mendez

    This video was submitted for project reason. In my opinion, it was only second best after “The Tutor”.

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    I loved this and agree with it so much. I would much rather donate to a school, a police station or a hospital before I would ever give it to a church.
    if they have businesses then they can handle themselves. Its also not fair that they are immune to taxes (especially in a recession)

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    Sterling Knight

    Why couldn’t that have been a trailer?

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