Everyone needs to calm the fuck down

A couple of days ago, I wrote an article that’s convinced a portion of my readers I’m a sexist pig (sobbing vagina was the term I used). It made me realize something important that I wanted to share: some of you need to calm the fuck down.

If you think that calling someone a pussy, a vagina, or a cunt is sexist, I think it’s time you realized that references to sexual parts are ALWAYS derogatory, regardless of the gender of the organ. Assholes are important for the fuction of any organism, but we still use it to describe unpleasant people. If it weren’t for dicks, the human species would not be unable to procreate, and yet this is not a desirable name to be called. The function of the sexual organ, in other words, is not in consideration here. Rather, it’s a reflection of the fact that human beings are relatively ashamed or embarrassed by their sexual components, and their “strong language” reflects this (in French, most swear words are based on religion rather than sex, which makes swearing in English less satisfying for my purposes).

I think the problem here is some readers are offended by the way I write in general. This is to be expected. I don’t use polite terms, and I’m not politically correct in any way. I use language to shock people, with varying degrees of success. Normally I simply ignore the language police and move on, but the comments in the article “That’s putting it mildly” were so focused on the perception calling someone a vagina is sexist I felt the need to remind everyone they should take a bit of time to actually bother to research what sexism is.

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    One of the reasons your the go to atheist guy.

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    Ian Miller

    Sexist Cunt!

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    LoL… people dont get the whole idea… they rather just see a stupid term which might or not be sexist (wtf?) and ignore the fact that Jacob has defend the women in all his posts….

    Guys, youre a bunch of retards (the R word ewwww) and make me want to kill all humanity….

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    Roxanne R

    speaking as a female, i’m not offended in any way. Calling someone a cunt is actually one of my favorite insults.

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    I was one of the people who found your language sexist an offensive, and I was quite calm when I said that I hope you keep it up so that I will have another living, breathing example of why movement atheism is such a sausagefest.

    I know it hurts your manly fee-fees when people dare to suggest that maybe you, an enlightened Atheist Dude, might have done or said something profoundly unenlightened. But you can be a big boy about it. You made a mistake; just note it, admit it, and learn from it.

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    Actually Jacob, the word “calm” has its roots in the ancient Greek word, “kaiein”, meaning, “to burn”. So the phrase “calm down” could be interpreted as you want people to burn down to ashes. I find this to be highly offensive, and you should be more sensitive to what you’re saying.

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    if you called people dicks, would anyone accuse you of being sexist against men?

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    Yeah. Atheists are screwed. We have just as many idiots as the religious camp. Our idiots are just as stupid and foolish in different areas than the religious.
    Gender studies is one of those areas. There can be no dissenting opinion without being accused of any of the stock words: Sexist,Chauvanist,and Mysogynist. It’s never been more clear to me that we have doctrines that cannot be questioned too. Conversations shut down just as fast as when talking to the religious.

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    joe dixon

    When ever I did an atheist show, it always drove me crazy to have the language police out in force. I don’t recall anyone saying anything about sexism but the Gods forbid I should swear!

    So called, Gnu atheist don’t seem to have the same hang ups about hearing the word ‘Fuck’ but man the old school types could be real ball busters if they hear anything remotely off color.

    I still occasionally get emails telling me I sound less intelligent if I belch or swear. As if I’m doing Shakespeare or something. It’s comedy ass hole, lighten up. I understand not everybody is going to dig what I do but I’m not trying to be for everybody. I’m just interested in doing what I think is funny. I could care less if someone finds it ‘intelligent’ or not.

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    Just as a tip, dude, it wouldn’t have hurt for you to say at some point “Sorry, I didn’t mean it that way” and then continue on. Maybe make some sort of comment on how it might seem a bit unfair that almost all of the ‘derogatory’ words about sex-body-bits are female parts?

    I mean, srsly, how insulting is ‘asshole’ or ‘prick, dick, cock,’? Not very much. The problem people have with using words like that is that most insulting of them always have to do with women. It’s not to say that’s what you think but it gets tiresome sometimes hearing people insult other people with all of the parts of my body.

    I honestly can’t believe you’re reacting like this. I’m surprised at you.

    And a tad disappointed. See ya.

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    I personally find it commendable when someone doesn’t apologize for something because he/she truly believes there is absolutely no need to. And it wouldn’t be sincere if someone apologized just to appease people.

    But I’m also a woman and one of my favorite words is “cunt.”

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