Carl Sagan vs creationist

Oh Carl, why did a random mutation in your cells have to lead to your ultimate and early demise? We could certainly use you now to debate the same pathetic arguments that creationists were, and still are using. Where are all the transitional fossils? Where the fuck is the proof of your non-theory?

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    Why can’t creations accept the fact that this evidence and that evidence and -oh here’s some more evidence- is all found and it all stacks up in a pattern that indicates with a very strong probability that evolution is true? Ok so fine points of the theory get tweaked with more evidence but that’s the beauty of science – it reflects what is actually out there in the real world.

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    Because they never really listen, imho.

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    We could use him for the marijuana legalization bid as well 😉

    I think he would have gotten more outspoken about that the older he got.

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    @Nick: Because someone told them they could have a galactic popsicle if they behave a certain way, so they’ll whine like children until they get it.

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    Darren Taggart

    Why are there so few minds like Sagan’s?

    Creationshits seem to be 10 a penny; apparently getting by on sharing a single, tiny brain.

    To think Sagan distracted so much of his short life trying to get them to think for themselves is so irritating.

    Had I been asked about asexual reproduction I doubt I could have resisted suggesting the idiot try it out and go fuck himself…

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    The New Answer (using the latest knowledge of evolution:
    Sexual reproduction evolved, possible several times, with protista. Protista are the first eukaroytic organisms. They are usually, but not always, unicellular.
    It originally was not a continuous process. Organisms would use the more efficient asexual reproduction during times of stability, and would switch to reproducing sexually during times of stress and environmental change. This is because it is advantageous to produce genetically diverse progeny during these times.

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