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    Regarding a possible Part 2 of this topic, I vote yes. It’s pretty interesting (and insane) stuff, and I’d love to hear more of what “the letter” said.

    Some questions:
    How much of this did Hubbard actually believe? It sounds like he probably believed the engram stuff, but what about all the insane crap with the volcanos and Xenu? He wrote that stuff, so I’m assuming he knew it was fiction, unless he thought he received it in a vision or something.

    Was Hubbard actually trying to help people, or just make money? Sounds like a combination of the two.

    Are any of Hubbard’s books actually worth reading? I’ve always been a big sci-fi fan, so I’m wondering if maybe I’ve missed some otherwise good books because they’re forever tainted by Scientology. I watched Battlefield Earth, and it was entertaining garbage.

    What’s the deal with the head of Scientology walking out of that big interview a couple years ago? He seemed offended that anyone would bring up their mythology, but he didn’t deny any of it either. And in this case, any answer besides “no, that’s ridiculous” basically confirmed that they really do believe that stuff.

    Do you think the leaders of Scientology really believe in it, or are they just there to make a buck?

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