Richard Dawkins on the incompatibility of religion and science

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    Good interview. It’s a shame that, as Dawkins said, we probably won’t be around in 10 million years. I see no fundamental limit to our potential for continued survival except for our propensity to kill each other.

    As Sagan said, “If we do not destroy ourselves, we will, one day, venture to the stars.”

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    Robert Donnelly

    The problem is that its a big “if”!

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    If the Human race ever successfully colonizes another world there’ll be no getting rid of us…

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    Peter Pants

    Fagan says unless we kill ourselves we’re going to the stars? What rubbish. Anyone who believes that is is an imbecile. Mass extinction events have happened throughout history, and will continue to happen. And if we do kill ourselves, we can thank science for creating that will make this possible. An unarmed Religious fanatic is relatively harmless. It is only when science arms him that he becomes dangerous and a threat to mankind.

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