Freedom is slavery

The lady in the tent is absolutely right! Why, if it wasn’t for Islam’s liberation of women, they wouldn’t even be allowed to hold the placards they probably can’t even read. In the immortal words of George Orwell, War is Peace, Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is strength!

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    I remember seeing a woman in a full burka on tv as a little kid and asking my mom if it was a ninja… If only!

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    Could you link to the article that image is from?

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    The really sad part of the image…they probably believe it! After being submitted to enough brainwashing you will become what they want and you cannot break away in mind, spirit or body. That is why the only hope we have is in the children.

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    Egypt is at the point where they can change history and become a true secular state or… fuck up the system again and go islamic… if the first thing happens, we could even think about a egyptian “french” revolution in terms of secularization, hope it brings the best for north africa aka religious people go fuck yourselves!!

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    What is really offensive in images like this is not even the blatant juxtaposition that stares you in the face and hates your humanity, it’s the knowledge that behind the scenes there are tiny, gutless, overbearing men that pull the strings of these women as if they were marionettes, day in and day out. They are made to be proud of their slavery. Having read the deconversion account of a former Muslim woman (not Hirsi Ali’s), the very strict amongst the Islamic are simultaneously individual tyrants while being supreme hypocrites, many of whom break every vow they’d kill or beat a woman for.

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    Hmm, this sickens me. Only once or twice in my life have i ever encountered a burka in real life though. I suppose that’s a good thing.

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    No, no I totally agree with the black blankets with eyes.

    CLEARLY non-democratic islamic rule is the way to go. I mean, come on, we all know how well it’s worked out in Iran! Totally fool-proof.

    Srsly, are these people not allowed to watch television or read non-muslim news?

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