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I’d like to thank everyone who submitted The Good Atheist Podcast on, and I’m happy to report we’ve made it to the top 5. It’s now time to vote! I don’t have to tell you competition is fierce, but considering it’s my birth-month (I slowly celebrate the whole month until the culmination: February 28th), I can’t imagine a better present than winning this thing.

We’ve been working hard to continually improve the show over the years, and I think you can all agree we’ve succeeded in this effort. An award would help get valuable attention for the podcast. That’s our biggest challenge in the future. We’re still very small fry, and that’s something that could change with a real award.

I’ll be periodically reminding everyone to head on over to vote for us. We can’t do this without you!

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    At the moment, your way ahead of the competition!

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    Not anymore he’s not, luftbahnfahrer. Atheist Experience is winning.

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    Sean Porter

    Sorry Jacob, but my vote goes to the Atheist Experience for being my introduction to the world of intellectual atheism and my some of my favorite Atheists to date (Matt Dillahunty, Jeff Dee, Russel Glasser, Jen Peeples, Tracie Harris etc.)

    I do love you though man, but unfortunatley they’ve got years of experience behind them (and being based in Texas even if in the relatively liberal Austin, more 1st hand experience with evangelists and right-wing fundamentalists.)

    ..sorry to hurt your pride guys, really you guys have a style that is your own and I wouldn’t ask you to change for the world. But while I know you guys don’t bother with other atheist podcasts (as far as I know.) these guys are one of the best and longest running.

    again, sorry…

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    Yeah, I’m with Sean.

    The Atheist Experience of Austin is my favorite podcast, even though both of you guys spend way too much time with excuses and announcements.

    The Thinking Atheist podcast (which wasn’t even on the list – shocking) never blogs excuses and gets right down to it.

    But hey, you’re on the fucking list man, and that’s awesome!

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    Jacob Fortin

    ^ What are you, airing grievances? I can appreciate you not voting for me out of choice, but I’d consider it rude if fans that voted for me were posting on the Atheist Experience telling them they don’t deserve it.

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    Sean Porter

    We’re explaining why voted the way we did, I’d do the same there with the intention of letting people know what their up against. And it isn’t a matter of deserving it Jacob. This is just a bloody online poll that reflects honest opinion. I’m not trying to bring you down. Among all of the other podcasts out their you stand among the greats.

    But expecting to oust giants who’ve been their for years is a little to ambitious for the moment.

    I’d go on but it’s silly for me get so worried over this. I voted honestly and explained myself, rude? Sure why not? Dickish? Go ahead! But if I can’t be assertive and honest in my everyday life. I might as well over the internet.

    Keep up the good work Jacob!

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