TGA Podcast: Episode 123

This week, Carisa joins me as we continue our discussion about why religious people fear atheism, we also read a response to my ‘how to challenge faith’ request, and finally we discuss how ‘Theory of Mind’ helps explain why we are prone to believing in the supernatural.

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    In regards to the forum, there are a few things I’d like to see. I frequent only one forum, and I really like how it operates, so this is essentially just a list of things that it does well which I would appreciate if you were to implement. That forum by the way if the forum. I think you’re familiar with the site, maybe not the forum though.

    1. No censorship. Hate speech is maybe the only exception. Personally I’d even let that go, but its up to you. I understand both sides of the argument. But some forums don’t let you swear for example. Thats not cool. I need to swear.

    2. Moderate moderators. There is nothing worse than a forum with every other thread being locked by power-crazed mods. Let it unfold, have faith in the users.

    3. Avatars/signatures. Let people upload their own text/images for both. For signatures, I think a size limit is a good idea. 500-800px by 100-200px I think is fair. A method for using [img] tags is fine, you don’t need to host the pictures yourself obviously.

    4. I’ve seen forums with thumbs up/down buttons for a thread. I don’t know about that. Its an alright idea to see which topics people like/dislike, but it’s not necessary if you ask me.

    5. On each user has his own page where he/she can blog about stuff. Its a pretty good idea, but with such a small site (no offence) its probably not needed.

    Like I said, these are basically things gametrailers does well, so check them out. I was active on the religion/philosophy section on the site, not so active anymore, but I still post once in a while. Theres a link if you’re curious.

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    Andy Scott

    Basically what Richard said.

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    You should check out wikileaks articles on Scientology I haven’t found them yet but I understand they are there.

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    Kyle Nicholas

    I’m looking forward to the Scientology episode. I can’t get enough of those crazy wackos. I wasn’t a Scientologist, but I was raised Mormon, so I know how it goes. Brian Dunning just did a Skeptoid podcast not long ago on it and that episode left me with a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth.
    I’m also looking forward to the forum. Unfortunately since I don’t visit forums all that often, I don’t have suggestions or feedback. I’m hoping a Good Atheist forum will help me change my habits.
    As for the scholarships, when I can afford to, I’ll still donate my intended $20 and you can give a membership to someone for me. I wasn’t expecting to win. LOL

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    With regards to faith, I don’t think it’s too difficult to make a good argument against it.
    Let me grant you, for the sake of argument, that one person who is being argued with, has chosen the correct religion and sect of that religion. Now, this person is trying to claim faith as a valid (or perhaps THE valid) form of gaining knowledge. As I have said, i’ve granted the person the truth of their religion: Now, we have to look at all of these other groups who are wrong by definition. So, at best, faith works perhaps 1 percent of the time and fails 99. That doesn’t sound like a very valid form of knowledge gaining to me!

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