Rape victim dies after public flogging

Imagine you’re a 14 year old girl and you get raped by your much older cousin. Now imagine that you’re living in a country ruled by Sharia Law. While in the secular world you have the chance of some justice (like the incarceration of the felon), if you happen to live in a country where the religion of Islam is supreme, the best you can hope for is to survive the 100 lashes you would receive for the crime of adultery.

Unfortunately for Hena Begum of Bangladesh, who was handed out the punishment by the town’s ruling Muslim council. she was only able to endure 80 before collapsing and dying in the hospital due to her severe injuries. Justice is served, everyone!

To add insult to injury, he father had to pay a fine of $700. Luckily, Bangladesh’s authorities are getting involved, since Sharia Law is illegal. It’s too little too late in a country where the local mullahs rule in an unofficial capacity.

Congratulations, Islam, on succeeding brilliantly in demonstrating just how barbaric, backwards, and unjust your religion is. Why not celebrate by infabulating a young woman entering puberty for the sake of posterity?

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    No no you guys. It’s a religion of peace.

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    People like this, if you can call them people, need to die in a fire.

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    J.N. Hudson

    Yet where is the outcry from the american media, or better yet the american people? This is just another in a long string of tragedies and travestries that goes unheard because of this bullshit idea that peoples religious are inherently deserving of respect and deferance.

    To add insult to injury, the people who actually do bother to critisize Islam (Or any other non christian or jewish religion for that matter) resort to ridiculously absurd conspiracy theories about “global caliphates”, “secret muslims”, and “sleeper cells” in every 7-11 rather than attack it for it’s opression of women, speech, or human rights violations and numerous other actual abuses.

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