Dawkins doesn’t mince words

I love the last sentence when he says of Kurt Wise (a young-earth creationist with a PHD in geology):

“You cannot argue with a mind like that. A mind like that, it seems to me, is a disgrace to the human species”.


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    Will Rodbourne

    Hey Jacob, long-time listener to the free show here.

    I was looking at the blog page and tried to view the complete article of “Another Idiot Claims Atheism Is a Religion” but it redirected me to the ‘get a membership’ page, so I signed up for the basic free one and tried again and got redirected again! Same thing happens when I click on the comments link for that blog entry. I get sent to this page here:

    Is this a mistake or are you seriously wanting people to start paying to be able to view your articles now?

    Anyway, love the podcast – keep up the good work!

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    “Disgrace to the human species… THANK YOU GOOD NIGHT!” *runs out of the building*

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    An excellent argument from Dawkins here – just why would God create so much evidence against creationism and for evolution? If the answer is “to test faith” then that’s an extraordinarily sneaky, nasty and fraudulant God.

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    This Video makes Dawkins look like such a dumb ass. Someone please tell me how anything relating to evolution or an old ass earth has had any benefit to modern society in the first place.

    The internet is making us all dumber. Every subject has conflicting info, and 90% of info on the internet is completely useless. Bro Science. Propaganda in every niche of information we could use to better our lives.

    Dawkins, you are a fucking arrogant piece of shit. You Publically label a healthy smart man as a disgrace to the human species. What does that make most of the common man and less fortunate? You’re life’s work is about as useful as a poopy flavored lolly pop.

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