Stephen Fry is awesome

I want to someday be invited to his show. It looks like a smashingly good time, doesn’t it?

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    Oh cool, Clarkson was on his show. I wonder if there’s a full episode over at the BBC’s site…? Not a bad segment. This is probably a show that should be on in the US.

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    Whilst you’re at it, do check out Alan Davis’ (the other guy speaking) BBC detective show called “Jonathan Creek”. Although it’s a little dated (from the 90s), it’s an absolutely entertaining show where a stage magician tries to solve convoluted whodunnits.

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    Chris Young

    If you make it onto that show then you’ve definitely made it. They’re all pretty major stars in the UK.

    Hey, it’s a goal, good luck with it:)


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    Darren Taggart

    If you don’t already, follow him on twitter (he’s the most followed person in the uk) or download the fry paper app on iTunes. The man is a legend!

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    BuleIndependent If you find a whole one post a link. Clarkson and Fry is like. Jesus and buddha in a bun.

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