Judgment Day is coming soon

You’ve got to scratch your head sometimes at the fact despite thousands of predictions that have been demonstrably false, some people still try and claim to know the precise “date” their Savior is predicted to return to Earth to kill most of the inhabitants. They look forward to this nightmarish world. I don’t know what’s sadder; the way they look forward to the Earth perishing, or their refusal to admit how consistently wrong they are…

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    There is a counter website called We Can’t Know – http://wecantknow.com/ which counts down to the day after May 21st, when they’ll have to start making the usual excuses of why the world didn’t end.

    In addition, isn’t there something in the bible that states that if someone predicts the end of the world and is proven wrong then they must be stoned to death?

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    Nick, you beat me to it.

    Ask An Atheist has a regular segment called Announcing ‘Countdown to Backpedaling’ on this. I love that their Countdown is to May 22.

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    Darren Taggart

    Offs. I’m in Spain that week. And I’ve paid already. Fucking Jesus.

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    Remember the last post about this and the comments that followed? I still love the idea of contacting the “end of days” promoters and ask them to sign over their worldly possessions since 1) they won’t be needing them where they are going and 2) it might improve their “goodness” in the eyes of the whoever. Where’s the website promoting this stance??

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    Actually, they’re wrong. 4000 years ago, God gave me secret knowledge of the actual date and then gave me immortality, but swore me to secrecy to await a particular day when I can share my knowledge. That’s what the Book of Daniel was referring to, not lunatics.

    You heard it here first, from me: the world will end May 18, 2011. God’s going to call it in early in hopes of catching a few people off guard!

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    Luc Leblanc

    Let’s move in and buy their stuff! 🙂

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    as harsh as this sounds…
    Isn’t the fact that these people would rather greet an apocalypse with open arms before the day they would ever admit they were wrong about their crazy rantings, show how much they truly give a crap about this world and the people in it…?

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    infinite monkey

    I think it’s really rude of God to end the world on a Saturday. Couldn’t he wait for Monday!

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    Sixth Estate

    It does seem a little weird that God would end the world on the (Jewish) Sabbath. Maybe destroying the world doesn’t count as work.

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    Will Rodbourne

    I’d love to offer an agreement to these guys – “I give you a stash of cash today which you can spend however you like (billboards, paintjobs on cars, hookers, etc.), but if the rapture doesn’t happen by May 22nd or October or whenever, you give me double the money back.”

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