This guy makes my head hurt

Let me get this straight: this guy thinks scientists who spend their entire lives seriously studying fossil records would just lie without fear their entire careers would be obliterated by other serious scientists who scrutinize every little bit of research in a process we call “peer review”? Is it more likely perhaps an uneducated moron like himself is the one who’s actually lying about the facts?

I know it’s hard for you to understand how something really small can share a common ancestor with something really big, dude, but just because your deficient brain can’t grasp the notion doesn’t make it wrong.


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    It’s obviously easy to mock this guy for being the dumbass that he is, but I think a more subtle problem is also worth noting.

    News outlets, such as the USA Today article that he quoted, routinely do an atrocious job of reporting science. (Does anyone remember when tiny black holes created by the LHC threatened to destroy the planet?)

    Like most news, sensationalism reigns. It was better to hound on the chicken thing than to mention that no other bird genes were compared, and any modern bird would be expected to compare equally well as the chicken. The article also fails to note that the significance of the study is in adding empirical evidence to the notion that dinos and birds are more closely related than dinos and reptiles.

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    Ramen, Pluto. Ramen.

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    nice pluto

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    The scary thing is that I heard kids in the audience. They’re being taught the absolute nonsense that this guy is spouting.

    But yeah, another example of taking evidence and completely dismissing it.

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