Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter, So Terrible it’s Awesome

Talking bowl of cherries, vampires that seem unaffected by daylight, and some of the worse kung-fu choreography since American Ninja 3 makes this a must see movies, people (is it my imagination, or is Optimus Prime doing the voice-over for AN3?).

Also, more hilariously bad kung-fu here

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    Optimus? It’s possible. He did the voice of Eeyore, after all.

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    Ah yes, Peter Cullen, the voice that defined a childhood. Whether it was introducing us back to Voltron after the cheesy toy commercials that fuelled our Santa wish lists, or the deep gravelly voice of the awesomest leader of robots ever, his distinctive strong voice always brings you back to those fun days of your childhood.

    As for cheesy kung-fu, most movies from 20 years ago are cheesy. Try watching old Knight Rider episodes without groaning at how cheesy they are (however the pilot still holds ups, sort of), then remember that back in the 80′s it was the number one show on television.

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    I saw this movie on netflix a couple of weeks ago. All I can say, lololololololololololzzzzzzzzzzzzzz to the max.

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    D: this is so disturbing

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    I’ve seen this film. It’s bad, but it’s intentionally bad. It is also hilarious.

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    Darren Taggart

    “Suck on this and live forever” see? vampires and Catholics have loads in common; they should try to get on better.

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