Bill O’Reily needs an education

If you haven’t already heard, a few days ago Billy-Boy made the blunder of crediting God with the tides, “proving” (to his ignorant fans) the clockwork of the oceans rising and falling was possible only by a creator God. He was torn a new cosmic a-hole by the Internet, and so he decided to answer his critics via his YouTube channel. The result? Proving definitively that he knows nothing about astronomy:

“How’d the moon get there? Can you explain it to me?”

Did you assume that no one knew the answers Bill? We have a pretty good idea of how both the Sun and the moon formed, and as for your statement that Mars has no moon, I’m happy to report that you’re quite wrong. Again. Mars has two of them. In all, the solar system has over 60 moons, and most astronomers will tell you that we aren’t quite done finding them all. It’s hard and tedious work, you see, but while scientists burn the midnight oil trying to find these elusive spheroids, morons like you will continue to bask in their own ignorance.


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    He sums up the problem with all religions in that with religion ‘g0d did it.’ end of story…
    NO THOUGHT REQUIRED!!! Don’t need to go to school, learn, college, study, nothing! Why do so many take liberal arts? NO THOUGHT required, mostly opinion and yours is as good as anyone’s. To know anything in the HARD subjects (science) you have to work at it and try hard. Bill has made a fortune from ignorance, most religious people live a good life without having to think about hard things.
    As an adult I would love to go back to being 12 again, no tough decisions, the parents took care of everything. I can understand why the brain dead want no part of rational skepticism as it requires being an adult, taking responsibility and learning hard stuff.

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    Well, maybe if he keeps asking “how did … get there” he’ll become an atheist.

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    He’s asking these questions like he expects they haven’t been answered.

    because scientific advancement is the work OF THE DEVIL.

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    Next week O’Reilly asks “fuckin magnets…”

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    It would be hard to believe if I didn’t get the same uninformed bullshit from my family all the time… what an ignorant waste of a life.

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    He’s usually good at manipulating the masses. Perhaps old age is making him lose his act? Gotta love the facial expressions he uses. Classic Bill.

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    of course the video has comments disabled. what a tool. I flagged it as Child Abuse. We cant have any children listening to that bullshit

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    “More faith to not believe”? More like more intelligence. Luck, yeah sure, that’s it (*rolls eyes*). That actually sounds better than some man in the sky creating us all of a sudden!

    For Canadians, there was a good Colbert bit about his tides theory, featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson:
    From the January 6th episode.

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    Just started reading the Good Atheist — lotsa fun!

    Bill is subscribing to the good ol’ “God is in the gaps” argument, he’s just too stupid to know where the gaps are.

    A note on moons… Jupiter alone has over 60! They’ve been discovering them so quickly with recent probes that I believe several haven’t even been named yet.

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    Thanks, L.Long, for discrediting the years and HARD WORK it took for me to get my Masters Degree in English, along with Scientific & Technical Communications. It makes me see red when people bitch about how much “harder” science and math are. I’d like to see someone who majored in math or science write a creative, coherent essay (yes, I realize there are science-minded people who could do that). It would probably be as difficult for them as it would be for me to sit and make up equations. Every area of education takes thought, just different kinds of thought. Get off your high horse.

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    Thanks for the clip link Andrew.

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    Okay, so God did it.
    How did God get there?

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    “…for more weekly insights from Bill!”

    Ummm… I think I will gain more valuable insights taking my next dump than I will by listening to this stupendously ignorant and arrogant twat. I knew Bill O’Reilly was uninformed to say the least, but I didn’t realise his intellect was quite this vacuous.

    The hilarious part is this guy is held up as a paragon of the right.

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    Jacob Fortin

    ^ Nailed it!

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    J.N. Hudson

    Wow. An argument from infinite, and apparently willful ignorence. I mean he’s so arrogant, so certain of the superiority of his opinions, that he practically fucking says that no amount could convince him, or should convince anyone else, because he knows better than anyone who doesn’t share his religious bias.

    People like O’Reily can’t be reached or swayed by logic or evidence, their hubris simply won’t allow them to, admitting they are wrong is tantamount to the greatest of sins in their minds.

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