TGA Podcast: Episode 122

This week, I continue the discussion on why religionists distrust atheists, why human beings have sex with whatever they can find, and a study that found more pedophile priests in Chicago. Also, why the universe isn’t fine tuned for life!

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    The intro isn’t crappy, just grammatically incorrect. Come, not comes!

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    Your military rant sound Beckian…

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    An interesting account on arguing against faith:

    If he is in the ballpark, I can see why it is so difficult to avoid the faith button.

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    The link I posted goes along with your sick test, Jake.

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    Change the intro? you mean the “horror movie vincent price” intro?


    I love the intro!! Don’t change it!

    No space heater for you, Ryan. Sorry…

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    I absolutely adore the intro. If you wanted to improve the sound quality, that’s fine, but that damn intro makes me smile every time I hear it and I’d be sorry to see it go.

    Just for the record, I was just as alarmed that the U.S. Army was recommending that soldiers see a fucking therapist because they don’t believe in God (paraphrasing, but basically true). I don’t think Jacob’s rants were vaguely Beckian or disproportionate to the problem at hand.

    Also, as far as faith goes, the best I’ve done is to point out that there is no sound reason to have faith besides the desire to have it. It’s terribly circular. Once it’s out in the open that their beliefs are based on their whims and no real evidence, you’ve made some kind of headway by denying them a false sense of reason.

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    When you state that the problem is when they fall beack on the argument from faith I think you have hit the nail on the head. It also seems to be an argument that a lot of people especially in the scpetical and atheist movement (at least publicly) seem to either shy away from, or decalare victory without actually addressing it.

    Te argument from faith is one that desparately needs challenging. To that end I asked many of the my atheist friends and I to put our heads together to try and come up with the best responses we could. Apart from the occasional “don’t bother” (see above), we came up with a few arguments, which I and my friends at AtheismUK (plug plug) have put together onto a leaflet that can be found here

    Sorry about the shameless plug but I hope some of these agruments are of use to people!

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    Religion’s interpretation and basic comprehension of evolution appears to derive from Pokemon.

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    Ryan had it correct. The reason why you don’t have more apologetics listening to the podcast and contributing to the site is:
    1) “You are such a nasty mo-fo and driving away [apologetics].”

    2) You and your readers aren’t interested in hearing push back on your beliefs. You don’t want to debate. If you were open to debate and open to change, you would have more respect for other’s beliefs and would not resort to name calling.

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    Sodomize Intolerance

    In response to the Anthropic Principle:

    This is a theory based on reverse engineering. We are fine-tuned to exist in the Universe, not the Universe that is fine-tuned to support us; just as our nose does not stick out of our face to support wearing eyeglasses. It would be like saying that the combustion of gasoline is fine-tuned to propel motor vehicles. In reality, we utilize our environment as it exists to thrive.

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    I have a different take on why theists dislike or are scared of atheists, I’m not sure I buy the whole thing about them thinking that we actually DO believe in god but just deny it, or whatever (well… maybe in some cases that’s true). I think a lot of them actually doesn’t REALLY really believe as strongly as they say they do, so they defend it more fervently in order to convince themselves, if that make sense. Like they’re scared of disbelief, cause it may shake their already fragile faith.
    Should be noted that I live in Sweden though, so I’m not really confronted by religion that much, and the swedish chruch is very very very liberal. So I may be blinded a bit by moderation, I just find it so hard to believe that people actually believe what they say they believe (though, it’s obvious around the world that they actually do…). So when I hear a religions person say that they think that atheist just deny god or whatever, that’s like a complete mindfuck for me, cause it’s hard for me to believe that the people who say that ACTUALLY believe it.

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    Jeremy Milne

    I thought I would give my two cents on episode 121 and 122 in regard to “why religious people fear atheists”.

    Though, I’m sure there are exception among some the excessively brainwashed, in regard to the the general masses, who tend to have a more broad religious view, I think this comes down to a mentally where they fear being in the minority: where the culture they have been raised in will no longer have an advantage. Its motivated by the same reason people might fear immigrants, or why they might be racist. They understand there is an advantage to being a christian in a predominantly christian nation. They have been raised within a christian family that asserted it had the upper hand, that they were on the team that would always get their way, and all they had to do was build their pride on the chritian view. When they see atheists, they see somebody making a rational argument that would otherwise take that cultural advantage away. We are targeted on a different level from apposing religions because rather than trying to gain the upper hand in their game, we are suggesting that the game be dismantled all together.

    Remember back in the day, when you were a playing dodge ball, and you could sometimes predict your team would win because you had all the best athletes? Were that guy in the corner that says “hey…um…ya know were 35 now, maybe were a little old for dodge ball? And now were being pelted by the balls on both sides of the court.

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