Protect us from Cyclones, Christians!

There’s a storm-a-brewin’ in Australia, and a controversial church group called “Catch the Fire Ministries“. Their leader, a nutjob by the name of Daniel Nalliah, is crazy enough the Family First Party asked him to step down as a candidate after he published brochures that said God would destroy “Satan’s Strongholds”, which included mosques and Buddhist temples.

Nalliah’s big problem right now is the Prime Minister of the country is an atheist, and this, according to him, is putting the country in grave danger:

Dr Nalliah, a former Family First candidate who was asked to leave the party for his controversial views, has already blamed the Queensland floods on Kevin Rudd speaking out against Israel.

He also blamed the Victorian bushfires on that state’s liberalisation of abortion laws.

“How many more disasters will it take before our nation, starting from the Prime Minister, would fall on our knees and ask for God’s protection and turn back to Him?”

Yes, believers are never struck with natural disasters. Even if they are, it’s totally the fault of sodomites and people with different political opinions.

You know, there’s a part of me that envies their crazy delusion. As far as they are concerned, the real cause of human misery isn’t due to the fact  we’re on a cooling ball of rock with a moving crust and a complex atmosphere, it’s because you touch yourself, or some other such nonsense. They truly believe if everyone just capitulated to their arbitrary rules, a male god would reward them with eternal protection. Cuz you know, that worked so well for the Jews, right?

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    “He also blamed the Victorian bushfires on that state’s liberalisation of abortion laws.”

    If that’s true it certainly explains Canada’s, um, complete lack of significant change in forest fires since 1989, right?

    God is awfully arbitrary in dishing out punishments, isn’t he? He’s the epitome of the lazy traffic cop: there’s a quota of natural disasters per year, and once it’s full, he just goes home.

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    God has a personal relationship with each and every person. God loves you so much that he’s willing to sacrifice YOUR life for you. I mean, it’s not your soul anyway, right?

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    Just to clarify, only the Christian god. Not those other ones, they’re all fakes!

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    My therapist’s daughter is in Queensland for the second year in a row doing missionary work (she’s from the U.S.)…she’s convinced the floods and cyclones are God’s way of killing off the non-believers. Those who believe with be saved from teh waterz! Idiot.

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