Kim Campbell schools Jack Kingston

In Canadian circles, Kim Campbell is a bit of a joke; she was Prime Minister by default, and lasted all of 5 minutes in office. Like most politicians, however, her most interesting work has come afterwards. She was on Real Time with Bill Maher last night, and while she remained silent for the first few minutes, she woke up when Kingston started his ridiculous speech about the lack of good science when it came to climate change, and his strong doubts on evolution. Watch with satisfaction as she takes him to school.

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    Not really sure if Congressman Kingston got schooled. Getting told what you have to say is “rubbish” doesn’t cut it for me.
    I was more disappointed in DL Hughley’s (sp.?) disbelief in evolution. That’s more notable than the schooled segment. Also, the NFL and socialism comparison was the creme-de-le-creme. I know this isn’t a political blog but Maher was spot on and I agree.

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    Kingston has been on Maher’s show many times and he seems fine until you get to a topic that within a 10′ pole’s distance of a decent amount of Republican talking point propaganda, and then he reveals that he’s memorized the playbook cover to cover. To defend himself he throws up this golly gee aw shucks deer-in-headlights face – like he did here – and persists with the tired, wishy-washy and cowardly: “But other people say different and I’m just concerned about the facts, man! Teach the controversy!”

    The Republicans apparently think that climate scientists have just been sitting around for the last 40 years since the “world is cooling” charge was made – and conservative NEVER fail to bring that one up – doing nothing but putting their feet up on control panels while electronic equipment logs reams of data while they earn “government paychecks”. And part of what their insouciant stance is based on is a flawed understanding of what a scientific theory is versus the very watered-down, popular connotation of the same. They think scientists just come up with an idea and then try to test it. They don’t see it as a long and continuous strand of discovery and review, which is in part why the American conservative worldview is so toxic to progress at present. They then tie this absurd version of scientific reality to their religious worldview, which then allows them to discount good science because the atheist scientists are “going against god’s plan”. It sounds like I’m putting words in their mouth but if you argue with an ardent Republican, this is the kind of thinking they will present to you.

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    Kim Campbell did a just super job on the show, both in setting the record straight and making her points as well as putting in some great zingers during her counters to what was a stupid comment in the first place. She’s been on Real Time a few times now and always comes off as intelligent. She may have gotten screwed during her tenure in politics, but she proved there’s more to her than just being a PM.

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