Tax the Churches!

In light of your economy slowly going down the toilet, a few enlightened politicians are asking the question that’s been on my mind since I’ve started this website: “why are churches tax exempt”? Enter Senator Chuck Grassley, who seems to think that churches are benefiting from tax exemption in a way that is patently unfair:

“THE constitution does not require the government to exempt churches from federal income taxation or from filing tax and information returns.” The potential implications of this comment, in a report earlier this month by Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, are starting to dawn on a large chunk of America’s charitable sector, which has until now taken for granted that it is exempt from tax.

The salient point is abuse is fairly rampant, since unlike charitable organizations, churches aren’t required to open their books to the public, and employees of these organizations often benefit from tax free monies to pay for their mortgages, cars, and other expenses. Worse still, many churches have side businesses such as coffee shops, books stores, and in some cases, even selling oil and gas.

By not paying any taxes, every citizen is in effect subsidizing religion, and I don’t recall ever being consulted on this matter. I don’t mind paying for roads, health services, firefighters and police officers, but I draw the line at indoctrination. If you want to teach your children about bullshit fairy tales, do it on your own fucking dime.

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