TGA Podcast: Episode 121

This week, Ryan and I talk about crazy Christians and their desire to burn things, how Americans think prayer is worth something, and why religionists are so offended by atheists.

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    Maybe my perspective is a little different, but as somebody who’s worked around animals and still pitches in at a dog shelter, I’ve got no trouble whatsoever reconciling my love of animals with my love of eating the more *delicious* animals.

    Animals eat other animals in the wild and hell, we’re animals too. Where would we be today if our ancestors hadn’t had the supplementary protein and iron?*

    That said, procuring meat from animals needn’t be unnecessarily cruel and I’m completely against cruelty to animals in any form (including sow crates, veal, etc). You can see the results at just about any pound or cattery and it’s some ugly shit. I’m glad that bitch who burned the dog got the book thrown at her. I just hope the other inmates pee in a cup and throw *that* at her too.

    * No, I don’t feel like getting into an argument with all you vegetarians out there. You stick to the salad bar, don’t obstruct my access to the barbecque grill and we’ll all get along just dandy.

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    Pretty good podcast today. Can’t argue with much of what you said. Yes, crazy people are crazy. People are nuts and they want to burn dogs and people. Once again you pick the craziest stories and try to associate them to the majority of evangelicals.

    Why are religious people afraid of atheists?
    I think you hit the nail on the head at the 49:00 mark.
    You said religious people say “I’ve had doubts myself and you [the atheist] have embraced the doubts. So I have anxiety about what would happen if I stopped believing.”

    I’ll admit that when I doubted, I imagined not being a Christian and it was a scary thing. I would end up having a relationship with my wife like Darwin did with his wife when he deconverted.

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    I think that asking what happens after you die is as silly as asking where a computer goes when you unplug it.

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