I promised myself I wouldn’t cry

This is both fascinating and terribly sad to see. Enjoy this man while you still can!

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    Caren Wallace

    I find myself hanging on each word, trying to absorb his intelligence. He is truly remarkable.

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    Reverend Clint

    very sad and brings up bad memories of my mother dying of cancer

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    I did start tearing up right at the start… I don’t want to think about a world w/o him.

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    It appears his condition is worsening, which saddens me that I may never have the opportunity to meet the man. I know someone who has, and who shared a bottle of JWB with him no less. But I can’t help feeling that there will be an incalculable intellectual loss for the world at large when he passes. Forget the atheism and just focus on his literature and journalism: That alone is enough to mourn the early loss of so deep and courageous a mind, and so indomitable a personality. The man has been everywhere, and seems to have seen nearly everything. It’s the kind of life that an avid traveler would envy, and a tireless truth-seeker would idealize. And on top of that he is a world-class orator.

    The question must be asked: After Hitchens, who, then?

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    What a nice interview. Hitchens has to be one of the most truthful and honest people I have ever heard and seen talk. What an admirable man!

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