Christian hate group attempts to burn gay man alive

What’s more Christian than a good old fashioned burning? Why, it’s homicidal rage against homosexuals, of course. And what better way to show your love for a 2000 year old failed Jewish prophet than by combining these two activities?

Chris Staples, a citizen of Carroll County GA, woke up with his home set a blaze after receiving a threatening anti-gay note. Staples gives the account of a rock with the threatening note being thrown through his window as he was watching t.v. and finishing a cigarette. He said the note read “We know you’re gay. And God hates gays. You won’t be raping anybody in the county and God’s going to make sure that you burn in hell.’ And something about my daddy… my daddy will make sure you burn in hell.” Several [hours] later Staples woke up with his house burning to the ground, and was lucky to barely escape.

If you thought that violence against gays and lesbian was subsiding, I’m sad to report you live in a sheltered world and need to wake the fuck up. Homophobia is very real, and the incendiary rhetoric of Christian hate groups (for there’s always a strong religious element to them) has escalated the conflict beyond simple name-calling.


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    Talk about a psycho bunch.
    The had a great time burning women (no they did NOT burn witches as they do not exits).
    And they luv to stone and burn gays and atheists.
    These psychos hate any threat that makes them think about their place in the sexual/rational/natural world.

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    “‘This is the first time I’ve dealt with anything of this nature in 16 years,’ said Capt. Shane Taylor of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office.

    ‘I can’t believe anyone would have such hatred in their heart as to do somebody like that, especially when they don’t even know him. They don’t know him.’”

    After reading the quote above, I’m hopeful the guy will get all due diligence from the Carroll County PD.

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    My state finally made the TGA site. This is a sad day.

    It would be bad enough if they just threw a rock through the guy’s window but then the house was set on fire?

    I just don’t understand people. Bigotry in the south is alive and well.

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    this is just phase one in Brandon’s Battle Plan.

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    The only semi-good thing (and I’m REALLY stretching here… it’s a shitty situation!) here is that at least we live in the age of the internet where not only can we hear about things like this, but we can generate some proper fuckin’ outrage.

    Thirty years ago nobody outside of the town would have known about it. It would have been swept under the rug and the town would have gotten back to business as usual. Although it’s not a hell of a lot of consolation, I’m just glad Chris made it out with his life!

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    Thank goodness, and Chris’s reflexes, that he got out okay and escaped one of the worst possible ways to die.

    Please tell me these assholes are going to jail for arson and attempted murder. At least. Maybe they can slap uttering death threats on there too.

    Better yet, pack them all up and ship them to me. We’ll have a great ‘ol time. Gwee hee hee…

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