Texas Governor wants to make abortion more of a pain

If you’re a pregnant woman faced with the difficult decision of aborting your child, Gov. Rick Perry has a few words for you:

“When you consider the magnitude of the decision to have an abortion, ensuring that the patient understands what’s truly at stake seems a small step to take,” Gov. Perry said. “When someone has all the information, the right choice – the choice of life – becomes clear. Now our legislature can take fast action on this important bill because we all know when it comes to saving lives, every second counts.”

This was his speech during a “Rally for Life” where he declared his efforts to pass through legislation that would make it mandatory for women seeking an abortion to have a sonogram.

It’s pretty obvious what he’s trying to do here: he wants to discourage abortion, and he figures having to look your baby “in the face” will change more than a few minds. Ignoring the fact this kind of thing completely violates their rights as a patient, I find it more than a little ironic a state that executes more criminals than almost every other state combined would pride itself on “choosing life”. I guess life only counts when it’s in amniotic fluid, cuz once it’s out of the womb, it better not ask for any financial assistance, am I right?

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    “ensuring that the patient understands what’s truly at stake”

    tax dollars is whats at stake for these politicians. thats all they care about.

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    That man makes me embarrassed to be a Texan.

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    “When someone has all the information, the right choice – the choice of life – becomes clear.” I’m so glad a Texas politician can make the decision for a pregnant woman.

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    This asshole reminds me of someone… Can’t recall his name but he was a motivational speaker who came by my high school once.

    He was cool for the most part and then got to abortion and how wrong it is. He started off by asking people to raise their hands if they thought it was the right of an adult who had the decision and proposed other situations like rape and teenage pregnancy, etc.

    Most people raised their hands to say ‘yes, it’s their right’.

    And THEN he went on this fucking sob-story about how he asked a group that question once and a young man who was of the opposite opinion came to him after his talk. He told the man that his mother had considered aborting him and, thankfully, chose not to.

    Firstly, I don’t know what fucking kind of mother goes around telling her poor son that she considered not having him. Secondly, there’s a huge plot-hole in the speaker’s story that I wish I’d had the brain to mention at the time:

    She CHOSE not to have an abortion.

    She had the CHOICE and she chose to try and have her child and make a family.

    So ultimately he really just proved that it is people’s individual choice that matters.

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