I like this guy

I love how he describes the religious right as a “5th column of insanity”. Couldn’t have put it better myself.

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    Sam Povey

    “We have a village idiot in this country. It’s called fundamentalist Christianity”

    We need more people who are not afraid to speak their mind.

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    Sounds like his mother was crazy, which for all of his life puts a negative light on Christians. He said his mother believed that because JFK died from a head wound that JFK would be resurrected as the anti Christ? That’s freakin crazy. I’ve never heard of anyone saying this before.

    Also, I wouldn’t take the survey seriously about Obama. People answering that question probably laughed and said he was the antiChrist as a joke.

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    Douglas Ittner

    It’s a shame we can’t market current drug products that stymie religious experience. Rather we must encase them as products that lower psychotic episodes. Some day fundies will be treated as the mental cases they are and there will be a bit more sanity in this world.

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    Douglas, please explain further. I can’t believe you meant what I think you meant. What I hear you saying is that fundamentalist Christians should be diagnosed as mentally ill and treated with current drug products not on the market that hinder the progress of religious experiences.

    What do you mean by religious experience? Do you mean a person seeing a vision of an angel? or do you mean something as simple as believing there is a God and therefore “feeling” His presence?

    Does anyone else feel the same as Douglas? Anyone here disagree with his statements?

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