Father Knows nonsense

I love how the name of this segment is “father knows best” and he can’t even answer that simple question. I think I can though: there was no Adam and Eve, it’s just a fucking story, stop believing in fairy tales and patting yourself on the back for ignoring scientific evidence.

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    whoa… someone fire the camera man for not zooming out or panning to the left often

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    you mean when he was side stepping?

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    I love that even a priest can’t hold a straight face because he knows the bible is bullshit. Of course he can’t say that publicly or he is out of a job and there goes all that time and effort not to mention job security. I think priests know that the bible is mostly bullshit by the time they become priests and this guy is no exception.

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    Luc Leblanc

    You know the book is worth nothing when their own proponents are unable to defend it against a question that could be asked by a five years old kid.

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    The best you can say is that he is possibly (???) stating that one should interpret the bible rather than take it literally – which of course leads on to the old chestnut of whose interpretation is correct?
    Jake – good call on the latest podcast about the skeptic’s annotated bible, an extremely interesting site. I thought it was very fair that Christian responses were also linked to and telling that the ones I looked at were complete nonsense followed by “therefore there is no contradiction” or similar.

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