Interfaith dialog at its finest

It’s pretty rare I agree with the Pope, but he’s recently been calling on Pakistan to repeal their insane blasphemy laws, and I’m behind him on this one. His calls were met, unsurprisingly, with a friendly “mind your own fucking business”:

The pope has given a statement today that has not only offended the 180 million Muslims in Pakistan, it has also hurt the sentiments of the entire Islamic world,” said Hafiz Hussain Ahmed, a senior leader of Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Islam.

Man, Muslims are the most overly sensitive annoying jackasses, aren’t they? As soon as you tell them “hey guys, could you turn down the barbarism a notch?” they start flipping the fuck out. It kind of reminds me of a petulant and spoiled child that’s allowed to get away with everything because their parents are divorced. The difference is these childish idiots sentence people to death for talking smack about their dead prophet.

The problem isn’t just the government though: the whole country is pretty messed up, and as soon as a politician tried to open the blasphemy law for debate, he was gunned down while his guards stood by watching.

“There would be an unprecedented reaction in Pakistan if any attempt was made to amend or repeal the law,” Hussain Ahmed said, Reuters reported.

No shit. Remember how religious apologists say it’s politics and not religion itself responsible for all the violence? If the majority of your population thinks murdering individuals who don’t share your faith sensibilities, and slaughter any politician who tries to change the status quo, how can anyone make the claim the problem is with the politics rather than the faith itself?

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