My Sperm is Barbaric

I love it whenever experts in nonsense start ranting about the immorality of others. It’s especially pleasant whenever these idiots make incredibly racist remarks without actually understanding the ramifications of what they say. It’s like having an embarrassingly racist grandpa make totally inappropriate remarks to the cashiers at the local Burger King: you’d try and say something, but the old man is way beyond salvation.

The latest hyper-racist-but-doesn’t-even-know-it old fool is Rabbi Dov Lior, who issued statements claiming all “Gentile” sperm contains “adverse traits” inherent to the “race”, and that Jewish couples should avoid using their love seed for artificial insemination:

“Sefer HaChinuch (a book of Jewish law) states that the character traits of the father pass on to the son,” he said in the lecture. “If the father in not Jewish, what character traits could he have? Traits of cruelty, of barbarism! These are not traits that characterize the people of Israel.”

Lior added identified Jews as merciful, shy and charitable – qualities that he claimed could be inherited. “A person born to Jewish parents, even if they weren’t raised on the Torah – there are things that are passed on (to him) in the blood, it’s genetic,” he explained. “If the father is a gentile, then the child is deprived of these things.

Is this moron pretending he understands anything about genes, while simultaneously using his ludicrous fantasy novel as proof? Firstly, I think it’s relatively important to stipulate Jews aren’t genetically a “people” to begin with? It’s merely a religious belief, and a xenophobic one at that.

Not only are non-Jews sinister, but children of single mothers are hell bound hooligans:

“If a child is born without a father, he cannot be 100% normal.” He stated that rabbinical literature defines these kids as “criminals and subjects of other negative phenomena.”

Forget about modern parenting techniques: you should put all your trust in a book of fairy tales written at a time when children who talked back to their parents would be stoned to death. Nowadays we’re too afraid to even spank them. We need to get back to the fundamentals, people!

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    I saw the title and got a mental image of a whole bunch of Highlanders standing on a hill, jizzing on the English soldiers from below. That’s almost as cool as tossing cabers (no euphemism intended!) and way cooler than that piece of shit movie Mel Gibson made.

    “…and we jizzed all over the English until they could take no more, and Scotland was finally free.” – Robert the Bruce.

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    Let me get this straight: a nomadic _religion_ spawns a book of _law_ that claims knowledge of the inner workings of _genetics_. Brilliant.

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